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Stomach bug? or more serious... Scared

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Kat101 Fri 29-Mar-13 16:12:17

Back story is that about a year ago I had some spotting after a bowel movement, and a little mucous. GP did a rectum exam and a raft of blood tests plus detailed iron studies. All were clear except my iron stores were a bit low (but I was definitely not anaemic he said). Gave me some iron pills and some suppositories that seemed to work.

Same blood tests were repeated in October 5 months ago and same result, different GP just said eat more red meat (I'm sure I eat enough protein), but no reason to be alarmed.

Fast forward to now...last Sunday and Monday I suddenly had weird stools - some small and formed, some liquidy. Put it down to a piece of fish I ate on Saturday that really didn't settle well straight after eating (knew I shouldn't have eaten it). Tues, Wed and Thurs I didn't go hardly at all and felt ok, then last night I felt nauseous and this morning had the diarrhoea and mucous back again, plus headache, with a little blood (not mixed in, I think similar to last time - I think GP said it was probably anal fissure or piles).

Made a GP appointment but not until 17th April (next routine available one). Should I go earlier? I do have to admit I suffer a lot from health anxiety, with several cancer scares on different areas last year (you name it, I've worried about it). Maybe its a virus going round? Something else?

I know no-one can give me a definitive answer but just wondered if it sounded like I should get checked out sooner not later. Or am I being paranoid?

nenevomito Fri 29-Mar-13 16:28:35

I'd give it a few days and see how it pans out. I get blood occasionally, but its down to internal piles rather than anything more serious. Its quite possibly something you've eaten. Sometimes it can take a while to fully get through your system. Nothing you describe is a red flag.

MintChocCh1p Fri 29-Mar-13 16:59:52

The real issue here is your health anxiety - the stomach thing will be a bug or IBS - in other words , unpleasant but not serious

I'd be making that appointment about your HA not the stomach bug

Jestrin Sun 31-Mar-13 19:50:32

I think you should go back sooner. A supposed anal fissure a year ago would have healed by now. Blood in your stool always needs checking.

I have ulcerative colitis and had a fissure after the birth of my daughter. I have episodes of bleeding/mucous/ weird stools. If only for peace of mind, go and get seen again.

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