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Dizziness with please!

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Starsintheskyxx Thu 28-Mar-13 11:15:52

Can anyone tell me if they are experiencing the same....I had my DS 5 months ago and since then my periods have been really heavy (didn't really have problematic periods before having DS). A week before my period I have been really dizzy, a really fuzzy feeling in my head and I'm too scared to drive like it. My period starts and it usually goes, however this time it hasn't (on day 2). Does anyone else have this and when does it usually go away in their cycle? I am going away on monday and really don't want to feel like this.

Twosugarsplease Thu 28-Mar-13 11:47:25

Hi stars don't worry, I get this too, never used to, but since my ds was born nearly 4 yrs ago it's happened since then, I used to feel anxious about it, scared to go out on my own with ds, incase I fainted.
But I never have, dizziness is usually accompanied with the headaches aswell, solid for 2-3 days.
I am experiencing this right now.
GP gave me anti-dizzy tabs, they help, but don't like to take them as they can cause drowsiness, no good when you have dc's.
It will pass though, until your next period, but rest assured your not alone. smile

Starsintheskyxx Thu 28-Mar-13 11:48:35

That is comforting to know, thank you Twosugarsplease. Does it tend to ease off through your period?

Twosugarsplease Thu 28-Mar-13 12:16:26

Yeah it does, as your cycle moves along.
I get mine before my period, and I'm very irregular, but as I'm feeling so dizzy with a pounding headache today, I know I'll get my period in next few days, tomorrow I'll probably feel ok, I'll go in a huge mood and then it will appear grin and then right as rain.
I'm 40 this year and it's took me years to figure out my body and hormones, ive only just got it cracked.
No wonder our dp's can't figure us out, bless them !

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