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Evil sore throat...

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teenyweenytadpole Wed 27-Mar-13 21:28:04

Had dreadful sore throat since Monday am, feel like it has razor blades in it every time I swallow, glands are up, feel achy but no sign of a cold. I don't have tonsils and can;t see any ulcers on the back of my throat or anything. Have tried manuka honey, gargling with salt water, ibuprofen, paracetamol, extra strong strepsils and it's still bloody sore. Reckon it's viral or worth trying to see the doc? It really hurts! And I've given birth twice with no drugs so I really don't feel I am exagerating the pain!

TapirBackRider Wed 27-Mar-13 21:30:58

I had this a couple of weeks ago, in my case it was the forerunner to a wicked head & chest cold - but started out as just a terrible throat and I lost my voice.

Gargling with soluble aspirin or paracetamol can help. Hope it passes sooner rather than later.

lisylisylou Sun 31-Mar-13 20:37:40

When I got tonsilitis last time I shined a torch down my throat and could see the infection. Generally I get to the doctors and they give me antibiotics (which don't work!!). I read somewhere that the tonsils are the last form of defence against infections coming into the body. Even without the tonsils I think the throat will still act as that. I find manuka honey with lemon and ginger tea work well when my throat is so bad in any way. Calpol and Calprofen every 2 hours (maybe I shouldn't recommend - just works for me plus I can't stand pills rolling around in my tummy). Drink as much manuka honey as you can and plenty of sleep - calpol knocks me out every time (if you can!!). Oh and Sri Lankan chicken soup and chicken mulligatawny (tesco's finest) which is a meal in itself and yet keeps your throat moist and warm. Keep a scarf wrapped around your throat again to keep warm and moist. I even sleep with a polo neck at night. That's my emergency pack that I have found due to trial and error. Seriously good luck because I can imagine the misery x

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