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asthma-this isn't normal is it?

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BLOO3Z Tue 26-Mar-13 20:14:20

I have asthma not wheezy but getting chest tightening,after this happens apart from being scary I feel tired...feel like my heart going to jump out of my chest.. Feel like someone squeezing my chest an ribs.

Feel like I got two bricks attached to my lungs. I need to go doctors don't I?

Fragglewump Tue 26-Mar-13 21:23:40

I've just asthma come back after 20 years! Which scared me stupid. But the asthma nurse is lovely and did lots of tests to prove it definitely is asthma. I was feeling tight and breathless more than wheezy and was waking up coughing and things at night. Go and get checked out you'll feel much better!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 27-Mar-13 07:26:16

It's sounds like very bad asthma! What are you taking at the moment? You may need stronger medication so yes, I'd suggest seeing your GP.

BLOO3Z Fri 29-Mar-13 12:14:04

I have seen gp am now on antibiotics. wow Fraggle thats a long time to go without asthma, what has triggered that?

Havingalittle am taking clenil modulite and vetolin been struggling with it for last year if Im honest with myself, we are a active family and am probably driving them nuts as takes my lungs about half an hour to sort them selves out, but once they do im fine. Did tell asthma nurse re this and she not very helpfull told me to take more exersize! not helpful. Getting heavy limbs too when this happens which means my sats down not great I know, have been know to be walking arms in air! doing breathing exersizes to get my bloomin lungs to talk to me. Get strange looks off people for some reason, have gone past worrying stage what people think now.

Just wish this Asthma would bugger off as its stopping me doing stuff now, am afraid too now too as have pulled the muscles around my lungs too many times, which is toe curling painfull.

Think antibiotics working as not coughing so much in a morning, just wish these odd chest tightenings would go now, think Im holding myself tight though. I am trying to make a big effort to relax my chest as am finding if I breath through it when I get one it goes quicker so am suspiscious its me holding my self tight.

EasterFunny Fri 29-Mar-13 18:52:27

Please go and get checked out - don't let it drag on until you have a full blown emergency.

I speak from experience - had a massive asthma attack this week whilst out shopping with my son. Was unbelievably scary - somehow I managed to get myself in the car and drive up to the local hospital - 2 min drive. They very kindly hooked me up to a nebuliser despite not having an A&E department.

which was utterly stupid of me to do - I should have got DS or passer by to phone for an ambulance! I'm still reeling in my stupidity

If I'm honest - my asthma had been building up to thus for the past few weeks.

FrubesOnTheCouch Sun 31-Mar-13 00:44:21

You might need to up the dose of clenil, or try a new one? Seretide perhaps?

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