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Cystitis (interstitial?)

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frogspoon Mon 25-Mar-13 22:52:11

For the last couple of weeks I've felt a dull ache on and off just below my abdomen, around my pubic bone. When I press on it, it feels v uncomfortable, like I need the toilet. It doesn't actually sting when I urinate, but it feels really uncomfortable and achey down there, and feels worse as my bladder fills. It turns into a sharper pain when I need to urinate.

Last Wednesday the ache got alot worse and I started constantly needing the toilet (even after I had just been and there was nothing more to come out). Went to the doctor, who said dipstick was negative, but she prescribed a 3 day course of antibiotics (nitrofurantoin) to be on the safe side.

However the symptoms hadn't improved, so I went back on Saturday, and saw another doctor. Again dipstick test was negative for bacteria (but small trace of blood), but he prescribed me a 5 day course of a stronger antibiotic (cefalexin) and has sent sample for lab testing (should have results by Weds/Thurs).

I'm still feeling very uncomfortable, especially at night, and I have trouble getting to sleep as I feel like I need the toilet. I have been taking the new antibiotics 3 days now and I haven't seen a reduction in symptoms. My concern is that I don't have bacterial cystitis at all (which is why the dipstick tests are negative and the antibiotics don't work) and that I may have something like interstitial cystitis instead.

I never had cystitis until a year and a half ago, when I had a bad infection that took 2 weeks and 3 antibiotic prescriptions to clear up. A few months later, I had another attack of cystitis, but like this one it didn't seem to respond to the antibiotics, and the dipstick test showed no bacteria (but it did show high levels of white blood cells, so my body must have been fighting something). Over time the symptoms eventually faded, until the last couple of weeks when it has flared up again.

It's so uncomfortable and I just want to know what's causing it and how to get rid of it. Has anyone had similar symptoms and did anything help?

FrustratedNovelist Wed 27-Mar-13 10:36:17

Hi OP,

Cystitis veteran here. Sorry you're suffering.

I've had negative results from dipstick tests before and the doctor said it was probably because other things I was taking to ease the symptoms (Uva Ursi, Mannose) might be affecting the results- she said if there are white blood cells or nitrates, then there is a bacterial infection for sure. Maybe the antibiotics you are on are the wrong spectrum (so you are still getting symptoms) but they are affecting the results?

I hope they can isolate the bacteria and get you on the right anti-bs, if it is bacterial. If it is E Coli, I recommend D-Mannose as the best treatment that doesn't have the side effects of anti-biotics (thrush etc.)

If it does turn out to be IC, try googling Dr Onwude at Harley St Clinic, I looked him up once when I was desperate and he spoke to me for ages on the phone, he is an IC specialist) Waterfall D Mannose ( and/or Uva Ursi might still help with the symptoms.

Might be worth checking out the COB boards ( for help and advice. You are not alone smile

I hope you find some relief xx

frogspoon Thu 28-Mar-13 16:26:04

Have now been back to the doctors for the results of tests. Apparently I have thrush, which is causing my symptoms.

However I am not convinced, as I do not have itching or soreness outside (it aches inside) and no discharge.

I think the thrush was probably caused by the 2 lots of antibiotics, but I still want to know what's causing the symptoms in the first place...

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