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Breast Reduction on NHS?

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MooMooSkit Mon 25-Mar-13 21:13:11

Hi everyone,

I wondered if anyone had experience of referal within the NHS for breast reduction surgery? Obviously I would like to try this first but if I can't get it I would have to save up and get it done as they are making me so miserable.

I am quite a petite frame (well within a healthy BMI) so has anyone had any luck with this? I'm 5'5 and 8 stone 9 but my boobs are a 30H at the moment. They are so huge I have constant back pain (i do get prescribed a slightly high dose of codeine for this but I hate taking it as it makes me constipated sorry if tmi), my shoulders have permanant indents in them from years of wearing massive bras. I can't not wear a bra overnight either as they are just so uncomfortable as i tend to roll on my front and it's just so painful and i've literally had enough of being in pain. sad I get rashes frequently in the summer underneath them when I am so hot which is so uncomfortable and not to mention the years when i was younger of comments about how big they were.

Is there anyone who's had a success story from going to their GP? And is it even worth going or will I just get laughed out the surgery? I'm just literally at my wits end!

MintChocCh1p Tue 26-Mar-13 15:10:31

Yes I had it done 7 years ago on the nhs - I am 5 ft 4, weigh about 9 stone to 9 stone 7 and I was a 34 F.

It was straightforward and simple. However the rules are now different. They are loathe to allow it on the nhs now. So your gp is your first port of call and yes, you'll be referred. It's then reviewed by a panel. They'll probably turn you down the first time so be prepared to try a second time. An H cup is good because its over their cut off - they won't consider you at an F or G these days unless an exceptional case so make sure that you definitely put you are always an H cup.

Good luck - just make an appointment with the GP, explain your health issues relating to your size and he or she will do the rest. It's then just a case of waiting and hoping

MooMooSkit Wed 27-Mar-13 22:26:07

Hi Mint, thanks for the reply!

I went to the GP today and he seemed to agree it was an issue, he prescribed me more codeine in the meantime till my referall comes through and I'm dead nervous! What can i expect at the referall? He wrote down in my notes my size and issues to so I'm hoping it's a step in the right direction!

MintChocCh1p Thu 28-Mar-13 00:04:49

Well, it is different now. You dont have to do a thing really. Your case will go before a panel and they will either say yes or no to the referral to a consultant. if they agree it, then you'll get the op. If they say no... then it is back to the drawing board. Hopefully your size will swing it for you. I was about a size 10 and mine were too big for my frame at a weight of over 9 stone yours should easily qualify!

Also bear in mind that if you went down the private route you can pay in instalments i believe. I'm not sure how you feel about that but its an option isnt it?

best thing i ever did... dont regret it for one moment

MooMooSkit Thu 28-Mar-13 10:26:51

Yeah, I have a bad credit history thanks to my student days but I've worked out I could save up installments if worse comes to worse, it would just mean cutting back but it would be worth it to escape this back pain etc! I'm a size 8 at the moment so i am hoping the size thing helps as i'm defntely not overweight.

How are the scars you are left with? Did you find the recovery time quite easy?

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