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Kids are ill... should me and dp still go out tommorow night

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nutcracker Fri 23-Jan-04 14:43:22

I have got a stinking cold which i caught from ds3. He is now getting better but dd2 has got it now. Me and dp are supposed to be going out tommorow night to my cousins wedding reception but now i'm not sure if we should go. My mom is babysitting and i know she would cope but dd2 has asthma and it can just flare up when she has a cold. What do you think ????
I was so looking forward to it too

StressyHead Fri 23-Jan-04 14:45:05

message withdrawn

nutcracker Fri 23-Jan-04 14:47:46

Will definatley be taking my mobile and leaving several other peoles mobile numbers (mine plays up)aswell, plus the number of hotel. It's a good job i didn't book a room to stay over as oringinally intended. I really think it would do me and dp good to go as we haven't been out without the kids for over a year now.

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