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Can anyone tell me about cosochondritis pain? Does it radiate?

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zen1 Mon 25-Mar-13 14:53:21

I've not been to the GP, but wondered whether I could have costochondritis?

Back story: Last June I fell off a bus, holding a large sleeping 3 yr old with one arm and a buggy in the other. As I fell, I couldn't put my arms out as I didn't want to drop DS, and I kind of wrenched my side as I landed. A few days later I developed a horrible pain (fairly sharp) that started in my left lower rib, kind of under the bottom of my bra, which radiated round my back. There was a tender point in my side (about 4 inches below under arm) when I pressed, but I felt the pain back, front and side all around the lower ribs. The pain kept moving in that sometimes I felt it more in one place than another. I was too scared to go to the GP (have HA). Anyway, the pain lasted for 3 months and then gradually subsided.

Now, after 6 months of being pain free, it is back again. I still lift my child a lot so I wondered if this could have aggravated it? The thing is, I have read that for it to be costo, the pain is felt from the sternum, but mine is felt all round my lower ribs (and back). Does anyone have any experience?

zen1 Tue 26-Mar-13 17:26:41


Megsie99 Thu 04-Apr-13 18:34:50

Hi there..

I had costochondritis and please don't quote me on this but I was about 16/17ish at the time. And the pain was felt mainly from the sternum. It felt as if someone was squeezing me really really tight. So tight that it hurt to breathe. They said nothing at the time about radiating pains and I don't remember having any but the way the docs explained it to me was that it was really common in people of that age group because it happens as your bones are growing. Like I said don't quote me as there might be other causes but I'd definitely go and get it checked out to be safe. If you've had it for that long with no problems then I'm sure it's nothing serious but they might be able to suggest something to help if its not that. Best of luck!

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