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Your Longest Ever Period

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acnebride Tue 09-May-06 11:32:28

Was going to head this TMI but can't be bothered

I'm now on day 12 - this is a record for me

Come and have a go if you think you're dysmenorrhagic enough

PinkKerPlink Tue 09-May-06 11:36:15

you poor thing

pepperpots Tue 09-May-06 11:37:14

i had one for 19 days had to take an extra strong iron supplement no reason for it either

JackieNo Tue 09-May-06 11:37:42

Can I congratulate you on your use of 'dysmenorrhagic'? I had to scroll up to copy your spelling. But for you.

mumfor1standfinaltime Tue 09-May-06 11:39:36

Bless, that cant be nice. Make sure you drink enough fluids.

(I bled for 8 weeks after having ds, but longest period is prob 8 days at most)

acnebride Tue 09-May-06 11:40:55

To be fair, it's very light - hadn't thought of iron supplements but it may be part of the reason I feel knackered atm - thanks pepperpots

Thanks Jackie

Bozza Tue 09-May-06 11:42:42

I have never had a natural one for longer than a week (discounting lochia) but since having this implant had them for 3 weeks then a week off then back on for two or three weeks. Fairly awful. But I think it is settling down. I had a week off, then a week on, and am now up to 10 days off. I have even managed to have a smear. Just when I finally went to the Doc for some drugs to stop it, it has ironically stopped itself. Drugs in drawer in case they are needed at holiday time.

saltire Tue 09-May-06 11:53:38

Has the contraceptive injection in the middle of March, started bleeding on the first April and finally stopped on the 29th - and only then cos Doc gave me hormone pills to stop it!

teatimethatswhytime Tue 09-May-06 12:47:55

Yep can confirm from own experience of sim' that iron tablets are a good way to go

acnebride Wed 31-May-06 10:12:17

I'm resurrecting this because after 33 days it's still going on. Blood tests all normal and I think I'm going to ask about a referral to Gynaecology. Anyone gone to Gynae for this sort of thing? What might they do? I never like asking for referrals - not worth it if there's nothing much they can actually do?

foxinsocks Wed 31-May-06 11:54:39

is it still light? are you on any form of contraception?

There are things the gynae can do based on the cause of the bleeding. They can give you hormones (like the pill) or they can do a scan and check for things like polyps - loads of things they can do.

Have they suggested giving you the pill or anything like that?

foxinsocks Wed 31-May-06 11:57:47

prob worth asking for a referral just in case the appointment takes a long time to come through

thebecster Wed 31-May-06 12:23:47

Poor you Acnebride - one of the good things about this pregnancy has been having a rest from my godawful periods! My longest ever were pretty prodigious - it's only happened twice, thank god but I had two periods that lasted for nearly 6 months each - the first was when I was doing my A levels and the second was when I was having a rough time at work (DH said his virginity grew back during the last one...). Mine were very heavy though - really awful, I kept passing out all the time, and got very anaemic (surprise!). My periods usually last anything from 2 days to a month, averaging around 15 days. The break between periods can be anything from a week to a month. I've seen lots of gynaes. They can find lots and lots of things wrong with me - damage done when my appendix burst as a child, PCOS, weird hormone levels when I have blood tests... But none of them have ever found out which problem is causing the wonky periods, and none have been able to find anything that works besides putting me on the Pill. I've had laser ablation which seemed to help a little. Also had a Mirena coil which was an unmitigated disaster, although I know lots of people get on very well with them. My Mum was exactly the same as me, as were my sisters & cousin (I use past tense as they've all had hysterectomies now that they've had all the kids they want to have. That seems to be the only thing that works for our family!).

Hope this makes you feel strangely better and hope you're finished soon!

jaylou Wed 31-May-06 12:54:34

i can sympathise. when i went back on the pill i had a period for 5 weeks! doc changed my pill and said it could take a few months for my hormones to sttle down again. thankfully back to normal now

acnebride Thu 01-Jun-06 09:36:40

thanks for your posts - it really helps as i feel a little bit shy about coming out with it at the playground to acquaintances - 'how are you' 'STILL BLEEDING' not too nice really. Anyway, thebecster, what a nightmare! Beats me what the evolutionary advantage of periods is, you'd think they would have evolved out by now. I'm not on the pill because we're vaguely ttc so we'll have to see. It sounds like it might be worth asking for a referral and then seeing what happens. Thanks all.

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