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Left Breast pain

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carmen66 Sat 23-Mar-13 10:26:30

Hi, for a couple of years now I've been experiencing soreness on the side of my breast that radiates into my arm pit , in my ribs and shoulder blade it can last for a couple of weeks then disappear.. I am 46 and it seem's to happen just after my period and not before ( Strange)..
I have been to my Dr a year ago & after a lot of persuasion got a referral & I had a mammogram that came back clear the consultant diagnosed cynical pain & advised evening primrose but they give me daily headaches..

I am worried as to what is causing the discomfort because it's not just in the breast but my ribs feel sore as does my shoulder blade.
Any advice please?

gingeme Sat 23-Mar-13 17:48:24

Could be muscular pain as I have this too around my period and since going to my chiropracter for a different problem I asked her about this and she suggested placing cold ( I have purchased an ice Pack from her but a bag of peas is just as good ). When your resting place the cold wrapped in a tea towel on your shoulder for 10 mins, remove for 20 mins, on for 10 mins and carry on as long as poss. It has really worked for me. Hope this helps smile.

survivingwinter Sat 23-Mar-13 17:53:53

Glad you posted as I get this too and have never known whether to worry or not. Have really sore patches on ribs but nearly always left side and not right. Is around totm too.

Assume you have had bra fitting/check recently as can sometimes be cause of these things?

thornrose Sat 23-Mar-13 17:58:33

Wow, I am 46 too and I have the exact same thing, except it doesn't affect my arm pit, but my shoulder blade hurts too. Always the left side.
I think I'm peri menopausal and my periods are all over the place so I assume the breast pain is connected, it worries me though.

BlameItOnTheBogey Sat 23-Mar-13 18:01:06

I have this too and have just been diagnosed by my amazing GP as having this. Could you have the same thing? It's not dangerous just a bloody nuisance.

gingeme Sat 23-Mar-13 19:13:05

And thats where the ice packs come in to reduce the inflamation smile

carmen66 Sun 24-Mar-13 08:16:49

Hi Ladies, Thankyou for your replies it sound's like the symptoms are common..
My soreness has gone now it seem's to last for a few days after my period which seem to be slowing down now my cycle used to be 7 days but over the last few years they last for 2 days, Omg I'm probably peri menopausal..
My bras are ok Survivingwinter it must be hormonal but evening primrose give me awful headaches..
How long do your symptoms last ladies? Mine isn't even a pain it's just really sore all around my left breast, ribs and shoulder blade so much so that it hurts to pull up my jeans.. Im not sure if I should go back to my GP as it seem's to be around the same time very month smile

gingeme Sun 24-Mar-13 12:35:34

About 4 days generaly. Can go right down to my left nipple Sometimes which is so sore sad. I have gone from 7 to 3 days too and have had my hormone levels checked but all seem ok. My periods are still pretty regular but my pré menstrual symptoms are getting worse. A week before hand Im a troll bitch from hell sad

Montybojangles Sun 24-Mar-13 15:32:14

Had same (plus lump), mammogram and scan all fine (fatty lumps). Consultant basically said just one of those things.
I have swapped from wearing mainly underwired bras (I'm a DD-E cup) and nearly always now wear a good sports bra (shockabsorbers are most supportive and comfy) and find its rarely happening now. Don't know if this is relevant, or just coincidence, as the Dr said it would likely sort itself out over time.
The information he gave me about evening primrose oil said there was no good evidence to suggest it was of any benefit by the way.

Jammygal Wed 27-Mar-13 16:52:32

Have you tried starflower oil.... I was suffering with lots of BP and this has made it disappear ....can't recommend enough!

Facebaffle Wed 27-Mar-13 18:38:07

I've just come on MN to start a post about this. Same symptoms, age etc. I've been feeling like this for a few weeks so will give it a little longer and see if it goes smile

LIZS Wed 27-Mar-13 18:39:40

Me too, starting to wonder if I may have shingles or am carrying handbag and shopping too one-sided

IamMummyhearmeROAR Wed 27-Mar-13 20:47:16

I have this- went for mammogram eventually. Consultant said it was muscle damage from carrying babies/toddlers on my left hip and doing crazy things at the same time like carrying a heavy bag or (evil mummy alert ) - sadly almost 5 years on its just as bad but manageable with brufen

IamMummyhearmeROAR Wed 27-Mar-13 20:48:17

Evil mummy alert was hoovering in case anyone thought I was chopping up puppies whilst carrying a baby on my hip!

mlissahartley Sun 22-May-16 03:07:07

I've got it on all of you. I'm 64 years old and am experiencing breast pain only in my right breast. It reminds me of the feeling of engorgement when I was pregnant. I have been examined by my Gynecologist who did not feel any lumps bumps or masses. My nipple burns and is painful to wear clothing. My right breast is the only effected which is weird. If my symptoms persist after 5 days my dr wants me to get a mammogram which I am a little overdue for anyway. Is anyone out there as old as I am? All the other posts appear to be a lot younger.

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