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Anyone knowledgeable about pneumonia?

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IcouldstillbeJoseph Wed 20-Mar-13 18:12:36

I had severe pneumonia when 17 wks preg with DC2 (now 6 wks old) - hospitalised for week. Had clear CXR after 6 weeks although I still suffered a lot with tachycardia and dyspnoea throughout rest of preg. I just excused it as part of being pregnant.
Anyway, at 38 weeks I collapsed with an even more severe case of pneumonia and ended up being stabilised in HDU and then induced. Felt much better once baby was born, completed 2 weeks of oral abx and have a respiratory follow up in a few weeks.

Just wondering whether I should be worried really. I know pregnancy makes you immune-suppressed but 2 severe cases?! Also, before DC1 (2 years ago) I ran 10k and half marathon regularly (to a rather goid standard) so don't consider myself to have a 'weak chest'.

Each time the 'bug' came from my toddler - he had high temp, flu type bug - I caught a cough/cold and then after 2 weeks went suddenly downhill with pneumonia......

Any experts out there?

IcouldstillbeJoseph Wed 20-Mar-13 19:09:15


RandomMess Wed 20-Mar-13 19:12:31

Hmmm DH similarly fit etc and came down with pneumonia on 2 seperate occasions.

In hindsight we think he probably had a chest injury from 5 side football so wasn't inhaling deeply enough due to pain which is key thing that causes pneumonia

IcouldstillbeJoseph Wed 20-Mar-13 19:25:54

Maybe it was just not breathing deeply enough due to preg then. I know I'll be worried about my follow up appt and they'll say " yeah it's bad luck innit, bye!"

TheAccidentalEgghibitionist Thu 21-Mar-13 16:37:39

I've had pneumonia twice. Ask for the pneumonia jab at the doctors. I haven't had anything since then, wonderful!

RandomMess Thu 21-Mar-13 21:29:19

Accidental, they've refused to let dh have it!!!

TheAccidentalEgghibitionist Fri 22-Mar-13 06:12:27

What? Random that's completely ridiculous. I'd be furious, is he willing to complain or is there a medical reason?

IcouldstillbeJoseph Fri 22-Mar-13 06:58:05

Was just thinkIng the same!

RandomMess Fri 22-Mar-13 19:13:17

They just said he didn't qualify!

Hulababy Fri 22-Mar-13 19:24:48

I'm asking for the jab next year.

Had pretty bad pneumonia 3 years ago which resulted in being in hospital and 7 weeks of work.
I'm currently ill with a chest infection and had an urgent X-ray yesterday and awaiting results for pneumonia again.

Again no previous health issues and relatively fit and healthy. No reasons given.

IcouldstillbeJoseph Fri 22-Mar-13 20:54:49

Hoping it's not pneumonia again for you Hulababy

unlucky83 Fri 22-Mar-13 21:22:16

Not an expert - and don't want to worry you - but did they check you out for a Pulmonary embolism? (PE).
I was diagnosed with pneumonia 20+ years ago.
Not hospitalised, but saw 3 doctors (GPs) and had a chest xray - had real problems breathing - could only walk upstairs one step at a time ...coughed up small amount of fresh better eventually with antibiotics (6 weeks or so)...
Four months later - had a huge DVT and diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder (APS/Hughes syndrome) ....which I now test negative for...
Got my 'pneumonia' after a long haul flight, as a smoker on the contraceptive pill...probably had a small DVT in my other leg as well after flight out ...
Pregnancy is know to increase risk of thrombosis ( I had to do heparin injections throughout both of mine - even though I now test negative)
Since diagnosis I have to take any pain/swelling in legs and sharp chest pains v. seriously - they can do blood tests (arterial bleed is one - and you'll know if you've had one) but as far as I am aware the only definite way of confirming a PE is a VQ scan - you breath in and they inject radiation and they couldn't have done that when you were pregnant... but maybe after?
Maybe ask about that at your appointment - and maybe test for APS? (but it is hit and miss....)
Also when was your DC born? - risk is still high up to 6 weeks after birth...sad

IcouldstillbeJoseph Fri 22-Mar-13 21:41:50

I had VQ scan whilst preg as they v much thought it was a PE initially and it showed "changes consistent with pneumonia"

IcouldstillbeJoseph Fri 22-Mar-13 21:43:07

Also had 6 arterial blood gases - bloody horrendous!

unlucky83 Fri 22-Mar-13 22:44:10

So glad that it wasn't a PE - really dithered about posting that - but knowing it could have (terrible) implications in future pregnancies - or even now - I thought I should...
Arterial bleeds - first and the worst one I had done in emergency situation in hospital when they thought big clot was coming loose - (those docs had never seen a clot so extensive and didn't know what to do with me - they transferred me to a bigger hospital the next day) - all a bit chaotic - they had crash trolley ready -sorting out emergency surgery etc (I was praying 'please god don't let me die' - and I'm think I'm an atheist wink )- think doc was in too much hurry to do it - so it took 3 or 4 attempts (and maybe it is also linked with my emotions of that night).
Others since have been better but I am truly terrified of them...(I can't help crying and shaking ...and feeling really pathetic....) -they are horrible...

unlucky83 Fri 22-Mar-13 22:46:40

See even thinking about it fries my brain...sorry I couldn't be more help and good luck!

IcouldstillbeJoseph Sat 23-Mar-13 20:03:33

Gosh you poor thing. The whole not being able to breathe properly thing is terrifying isn't it.

TheAccidentalEgghibitionist Sun 24-Mar-13 11:25:45

unlucky I wonder if you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? It sounds like you have the symptoms.

The last time I had pneumonia I was very poorly indeed, it took me perhaps a year to fully recover and up to two years to mentally get over it. How about looking into PTSD to see if your symptoms fit?

unlucky83 Sun 24-Mar-13 19:36:23

Thanks -
'I could still be' - not being able to breather is absolutely petrifying - and the pleuritic pain - agony - mine was in my shoulder - you poor thing having to go through that twice...and you too 'accidental'

PTSD - A lot of water under the bridge since - very messed up afterwards, suicidal, antidepressants, counselling...
Now I actually feel sorry for the docs - they have this apparently rational human being -knows whats happening, been though all this before (and knows its coming) ...and then they mention the words and I fall to pieces ...the last one (youngish) looked so shocked... and out of her depth - she got someone else to do it and I don't think that was the original plan! Honestly it is ok - only thing that really freaks me out and not as if I have to face it every week....

sashh Mon 25-Mar-13 07:48:44

I was going to recommend the jab.


Send him to my GP, he loves sticking needles in people. He even gave me the rabies vaccine for a holiday trip with very little chance of coming into contact with rabies.

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