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Baggy private bits

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Grapes2 Sun 07-May-06 21:05:41

Although still BF my 2nd child who is now 8 months my periods have returned. However, I am now so baggy (she was over 10lbs), that I can't seem to keep a tampon in comfortably. Will pelvic floors really help? Am I alone in this? What can I do?

expatinscotland Sun 07-May-06 21:11:27

no, you are not alone and YES pelvic floor exercise will help a lot! get doing them now, whilst you are MNing or bfing.

have you seen the thread 'my lady bits horrify me'?

Blu Sun 07-May-06 21:15:47

If a tampon is difficult - may you have a bit of a prolapse?

fransmom Sun 07-May-06 21:23:27

can you send a link expat? i have similar problem but can also feel a slight pressure (not right word but only one i could think of) from inside. wasn't sure if it was prolapse or not. not really sure about that kind of thing as have no1 to ask


Grapes2 Mon 08-May-06 20:49:30

Thank you all for your input . Will get busy with pelvic floors and perhaps see GP. No one talks about this stuff before you give birth!

Grapes2 Mon 08-May-06 20:52:56

dear fransmom- good to know that i am not alone- although sorry you too are suffering. As a new member of mumsnet I am not sure how to make contact although I will try.

fransmom Mon 08-May-06 22:11:40

thanx x

merlotmama Wed 10-May-06 22:59:38

I found I could do pelvic floor exercises till I was blue in the face and there was not much improvement. Then I saw an ad for a pelvic toner. It's not beautiful...a bit like a plastic willy, cut in half lengthways with a spring in the middle. You insert this and then squeeze the old pelvic floor muscles. Like resistance training - helps to have something to work against. It made a huge difference to my internal muscle tone. I got mine from the US - cost £50, but then saw ads in magazines here where they're only £30! Worth it, all the same.
Just google 'pelvic toner'.

Georgiesmum Thu 11-May-06 12:07:26

I had this problem until DD was about 10months and to be honest i still find tampons uncomfortavble (i never had a problem before) and my dd is now 14 months.

Pelvic floors do help alot as well as deep tummy excerces

Good luck xx

fransmom Fri 12-May-06 09:35:35

hi garapes, hows you? i've seen a pelvic floor toner in boots, can't remember how much tho.

Waswondering Fri 12-May-06 09:40:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fransmom Fri 12-May-06 09:46:10

not sure about it tbh but then all dignity was lost in delivery room anyway lol

Grapes2 Fri 12-May-06 21:47:57

I'm fine- but been busy with pelvic floors despite disliking most forms of exercise! (I wish there was a magic devise that would do it for me). Still havn't visited GP but am thinking of getting that half plastic willy pelvic toner as suggested.
Havn't ever considered mooncups- can't imagine that I could keep one of those straight either!

fransmom Mon 15-May-06 22:22:44

lol have seen one in boots (well, the box anyway) not sure about it either....

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