Ovary behind uterus

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PickledMoomin Mon 18-Mar-13 18:42:30

I've been having some investigations over the last two years due to muscle twitching, pain, tingling and numbness.

My ferritin is very low and my rheumatologist ordered an ultrasound to find a cause for my heavy periods.

I had an ultrasound today which showed a small cyst on one ovary and my other ovary hiding behind my uterus.

Is this symptomatic of endometriosis?

I had some hormone tests done four years ago due to pre- AF spotting and bleeding between periods. I have also suffered from IBS and have very painful bowel movements.

The ultrasound results will go back to my GP and I want to be as informed as possible.

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CabbageLeaves Mon 18-Mar-13 18:48:49

An ovary 'hiding behind the uterus' is extremely common. Not significant at all

Cysts are extremely common. Not indicative of endo on their own

If they want a diagnosis you probably need laparoscopic view of pelvic organs.

PickledMoomin Mon 18-Mar-13 19:43:14

Thanks Cabbage.

I'll be seeing the rheumatologist again at the end of the month. He will refer me to gynae if he feels it needs investigating

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Mamf74 Mon 18-Mar-13 20:31:28

I have endo and have the beautifully named "kissing" Ovaries; essentially both of my ovaries have been twisted behind my uterus and are touching (kissing) each other. This is down to the adhesions in my pelvis pulling & twisting them out of true.

However, my gynae has always said that the textbook illustration of a womb & ovaries are slightly unrealistic; some women have slightly twisted / rotated / misplaced organs so it's not uncommon for biology to be unusual (I guess in the same way women have differing breasts or noses).

A lap is the only real way to diagnose endo so it could be worth a chat with your GP to see if it's possible to get a gynae referral and have a chat with them. In the meantime it could be useful to keep a diary of symptoms (any bleeding, pain, pain during sex or ovulation, back aches etc) and see if a pattern emerges. Also detail bowel problems in case a pattern emerges with that alongside your bleeding.

Hope you get some answers though, it is tremendously frustrating when they drop things out of the blue then leave you to it.

PickledMoomin Mon 18-Mar-13 21:06:32

Thanks for that, Mamf.

The diary is a really good idea. I tend to flap when a doctor asks me questions and then find it impossible to answer any questions accurately!

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dogmother01 Fri 29-May-20 22:20:01

Can you please let me know did you get pregnant? I am also diagnosed with kissing ovaries.

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