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if you keep spraining and straining things does it mean

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Mitchy1nge Tue 19-Mar-13 21:25:42

I know! Poor thumb, have never given it any thought or consideration until now!

I s'pose, impossible at the moment anyway because my whole hand seems to be affected and also the brace thing is a bit unyielding and that has to stay on for a week. Maybe I do too many handstands and cartwheels for an old-ish person and need to conduct myself with a little more decorum? sad (never sprained anything doing that but maybe it doesn't help?)

WowOoo Tue 19-Mar-13 18:48:04

You don't realise how much you use your thumb until you injure it, do you?! Same with your wrists.

Don't ride every day? Is this do able?

Mitchy1nge Tue 19-Mar-13 17:55:46

if I ride every day my hip feels like it's disintegrating

I sprained my left wrist ages ago, it still hurts but is much much better, and now I have done something that feels catastrophic (but is probably mild as these things go blush) to my right thumb which have seen a dr about and am supposed to go back in a few days

was just wondering how far to indulge my hypochondria, some interesting things to worry about!

WowOoo Tue 19-Mar-13 17:01:21

Doesn't it mean you are overdoing things?
Your body isn't strong enough to cope with what you are trying to get it to do.

Where are the strains and aches?

I did my back in a month ago because I lifted and carried something that was far too heavy.
I couldn't be arsed to do two journeys - paid the price.

Dahlialover Tue 19-Mar-13 16:55:20

Whatever it is, you usually need to drink more........

(kidney stones, muscle strains, cramp, constipation, hormones, headaches........... that's what they keep telling me, and I keep drinking. sad )

LavenderBriggs Tue 19-Mar-13 16:29:30

If this isn't a new thing, then what Rockinhippy said.

Startail Tue 19-Mar-13 13:25:07

No it means you need to talk to your GP.

Both DD1 and my DSIS have been referred to the physios for perpetually sprained ankles (DD1) and falling over for no reason eg. when going to the pub (DSIS).

Ankle and foot store thing exercises have helped no end.

Go and talk to your Dr.

rockinhippy Tue 19-Mar-13 13:19:16

PS affected by hormones, similar to as in pregnancy, meaning puberty, pregnancy & menopause make it worse

rockinhippy Tue 19-Mar-13 13:17:50

You are hypermobile & due to a hereditary collagen defect your ligaments & muscles are lax - think old elastic bands- and need to work harder to keep you upright, making you more accident prone & more prone to injury from very minor accidents - known as JHMS or EDS depending on severity & gene type, occasionally Marfans

LavenderBriggs Tue 19-Mar-13 13:09:07

Is this a new thing?

crochetcircle Tue 19-Mar-13 13:00:59

Could be a sign of arthritis in a joint that's been sprained many times. I got it in my ankle in my 20s.

Mitchy1nge Tue 19-Mar-13 12:59:45

although seriously, do things actually start wearing out in early 40s - joints/ligaments/tendons?

Mitchy1nge Tue 19-Mar-13 12:58:45

or was born with congenital absence of ability to do any housework/mucking out safely?

colditz Tue 19-Mar-13 12:44:54

You get stressed and try to rush?

Mitchy1nge Tue 19-Mar-13 12:40:11

thanks grin

not sure they apply but am so pleased to have a reply! thanks

MissWooWoo Tue 19-Mar-13 09:39:35

I care!

I will add to the list

5. You are very unfit
6. You are often drunk
7. Your posture needs sorting out


Mitchy1nge Tue 19-Mar-13 09:27:37

shock nobody cares!

Mitchy1nge Mon 18-Mar-13 18:03:53

bumping for early evening accident prone hypochondriacs

Mitchy1nge Mon 18-Mar-13 15:28:00

1. you have munchausen's
2. you are developing some sort of arthritic personality disorder
3. you are just clumsy or:
4. you are old and bits of you are wearing out?

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