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Vitiligo - experiences? Also, which suncream?

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Lonecatwithkitten Mon 18-Mar-13 13:52:42

I have had vitelligo all my life it is a progressive condition as your body gradually destroys your melanin.
I wear sunscreen 24/7 and use a mineral based screen that physically blocks the sun. Currently my favourite everyday is the Liz Earle skin tint factor 15 screen and light make up coverage. Liz Earle are an immensely helpful company and will almost certainly post your DH a sample to try, he can then buy online so no embarrassing in store purchases. I use the daily eye cream under the skin to get extra SPF in this delicate area. Plus the products are natural.
When I am holiday I then use there sun cream.

hazeyjane Mon 18-Mar-13 12:58:21

Dh has always suffered from vitiligo, and recently has become selfconcious about the white patches around his eyes, which seem to be worsening. We talked last night about camouflage,like Dermablend, and he said he wanted to try some - is this the best sort, or are there other makes out there? is it possible to get samples?

He hates going to the gp about anything, but had to go about a cyst he has under his eye, and he asked her about the patches, and whether they needed to be monitored or anything. She said that it was purely cosmetic, and so nothing to worry about, but on googling, I see that a thyroid test is often recommended.

Dh also works out of doors,he wears a high factor once a day suncream in the summer, but I just wondered whether he shouldn't be wearing it, at least on the unpigmented patches, all year round. Also any recommendations of which suncream, the one he uses is foul, like applying a thick layer of plastic to his skin, has anyone had anything like this on prescription, because of their condition?


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