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Help possible sciatica?

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DomesticDisaster Sun 17-Mar-13 20:54:10

I was advised to sit on a small ball (a power ball / ping pong / golf ball type size) on the side that hurt and surprisingly it really helped. I know it sounds a bit bonkers but it might be worth giving it a try.

Skygirls Sun 17-Mar-13 20:51:31

I had something similar post natal.
If it is to do with the sciatic nerve, it won't go away by tomorrow.
Mine is all better now, but I've been going to physiotherapy for 4 months!

I would go to your GP and ask to be referred to a physiotherapist, and do not do any further exercise. It could be that you've over-strained your lumbar muscles, which can then spasm and squeeze the sciatic nerve, causing the pains down your leg.

For now, put a hot water bottle on the lumbar/top part of your bum, to see if you can relax the muscles. Paracetamol should take the edge off the pain.

Just be careful over the course of your pregnancy. As it continues, your ligaments will loosen more due to relaxin being produced, so your pelvis will become less stable, which can also overwork muscles in the back.

Hope you get it sorted and that you're not in too much pain.

sweetiepie1979 Sun 17-Mar-13 14:08:38

I had back pain for a few days and have kept active and did exercises. Woke up this morning feeling fine but bit stiff then after about an hour I developed a really intense pain down my leg which is really uncomfortable and mega painful can feel that it is coming from top of my bum lower back to left yet pain past few days was on other side. I'm 10 weeks pregnant can't take anything other than paracetamol can I? HelP, what else can I do? Will it go away before tomorrow.

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