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Lindylop Sat 16-Mar-13 07:29:54

I have had 6 years ago a POSTERIOR colpoperineorrhaphy for rectocele and vaginal prolapse was splinting for a long time and bulged in perineum size of a tennis ball.
Repair was successful barring few blips - went back to hosp 3 days after discharge with pain and blood lots - couldn't have intercourse for 3 years due to pain which felt like a cross between a red hot poker with razor blades attached - I couldn't even begin to pretend it didn't hurt - I was screaming but not in a good way and worse still or hurt after 1 attempt from penetration for 2 days solid throbbing - eventually my darling husband turned to someone else and we were wrecked as a couple. I was 52 and my doc suggested vaginal hrt - it worked! Even with the rough vaginal scar tissue I could tolerate it and actually enjoy!!
Now bad again though
Rectocele and intersusseption - not just able to splint now have to manual too
STARR procedure now on the cards and I'm terrified not seen anything but horror stories and how can life go on in you are in continent?
Surgeons always want you to wait a few more weeks - few more months see if it settles down but hey it's not their life being f***d up!
My surgeon in hull is supposed to be expert as is one in Leeds and Bristol
Scared witless now -- HELP!!

carolanne1960 Wed 17-Jul-13 11:21:21

Hi. I have had a ventral mesh rectopexy done 2 years ago to pull of the prolapsed bowel. But I was left with a small prolapse of the rectal wall, and the feeling of having a golf ball stuck in my bottom and not being able to evacuate properly. 3 weeks ago in Bristol I had the Starr Proceedure done.I think it was only half a starr, but for the first week when I went to the toilet I sat and cried, it hurt so much, it felt like I was passing razor blades, I was even taking laxatives like I was advised to. I was told that about 10 days after I may experience some bleeding as it heals and the staples fall out. I have experienced this twice so far.As for the incontinence bit that has only happened a couple of times when I was taking 2 laxatives a day. It still hurts when I go to toilet, but its best to take a stool softner for about 4 weeks. Do Not get constipated. or you will be in loads of pain. I have to go back for a check up in about 6-8 weeks.

Dahlialover Wed 17-Jul-13 11:45:37

Is it worth searching through some of the old 'Any old prolapse' threads? There is a wealth of experiences there, if you have the time!

I had a rectocele repair (fortunately small), then swelled up and was very sore after being signed off. I kept thinking it was infections. Fortunately I saw a locum who put me straight on vaginal oestrogen. I can sympathise with the manual, as that is what I had to do for 21 years before my op!

I still have problems with going to the loo, expecially if I need more oestrogen. It is only kept under control by stool softeners (or kiwi fruit every day), going as soon as I get the urge (with feet on boxes) and pelvic floor exercises/release exercises Maybe this will help while you are waiting.

I have wondered about the STARR, but is unlikely to be worth it because my original damage was 'small' (but caused enough trouble!!!) I hope it works out well for you smile

katieinthesunshine Sun 05-Jan-14 10:06:52

Carolanne are you better or worse now than you were before the half starr? Lindylop did you get the starr? Mr dixon in both your cases?

sylviasaid Tue 23-Sep-14 11:55:07

i there

I thought I’d write as I am one week post STARR procedure which I had done at the BRI in Bristol, UK. I am a 32 year old women who has suffered from severe ODS for the last four years; the STARR repaired an anterior rectocele and high grade intusseception. I have not had any children.

I spent three days in hospital as I had urine retention after surgery and had to be catheterised. I was moved to St Michael’s as there were no beds at the BRI but this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I had wonderful care and the ward was clean and modern. I’m not going to lie, it was very painful but I was given Oramorph and Tramadol and that seemed to do the trick. My bowel decided to wake up on the fourth day (when I was back at home) and it has hands down the most painful experience of my life, but I’ve worked through it because I was expecting it and I feel positive about my bowel moving so soon after surgery. Pre surgery I would have to digitate daily to remove stool that was stuck in my rectum and I would probably have a ‘normal’ BM about once a week. I am taking Laxido to soften my stool but have reduced this to one sachet a day as it was working a bit too well.

I have lost half a stone in the last week due to reduced appetite but am drinking nutritional drinks to help this (I am already of a slight build). I’m aiming to go outside by the end of the week (have been in bed for the duration) because I feel it’s important to have goals in recovery.

I got a bit fed up of reading negative posts on the internet about this procedure so I felt it was important to write my story. Obviously it’s early days but I am pleased my bowel is moving already and I am feeling positive for the future. I really feel it’s important to have the right mental attitude when it comes to surgery.Expect pain and unpleasant side effects, they are normal consequences.

Good luck to everyone one who is having this procedure and I hope everyone that’s in recovery is feeling well and being well looked after by their loved ones.

I will write again with an update smile

Francesca x

Simmie3 Fri 08-Jan-16 02:13:13

I'm suffering complaications from the Starr procedure? Anyone else

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