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G0 see a therapist - it really works.

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Twinkie Thu 22-Jan-04 11:47:48

Hi everyone - just me again.

Just wanted to say that I have always had reservations about therapists and for so long had the 'pull yourself together attitude' that most people have but after my sister lost Miles I went to see one after having a bit of a breakdown.

She is great - I only see her once a week and can't afford to much more - hopefully the NHS is gonna start picking up the bill but it really really helps - its like having a friend that doesn't stop you half way through and say 'oh yes that happened to me and blah blah blah happened' - thier story is more often than not worse than yours and thst doesn't happen with a therapist - she sits there and lets you unburden yourself - its great.

Please if you are feeling like you can't cope go and see one, speak to your doctor and see if you can get a referral - it really has helped me cope with the court case and Miles' death and everything else that has happened with X2b.

(U guys have been just as good though XX )

Bozza Thu 22-Jan-04 12:31:48

Its funny Twinkie but I was thinking just that - your last sentence - this morning. I have a bit of an issue that I was thinking of posting on here about because it is more like a therapist than talking to your friends.

Glad your therapist is helping.

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