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Bad back since given birth... Anyone??

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leaharrison11 Mon 11-Mar-13 20:58:57

I had my son 15 months ago, since given birth i have struggled with a bad lower back i expected it at first for a few months or so but not now if i walk for over an hour sometimes half hour, i cant mend and in alot of pain , i obviously do alot of walking and bending with my DS, i also had back to back labour i dont know of that has caused it ....

Anyone know what it could be??

PoppyWearer Mon 11-Mar-13 21:02:12

Are you still breastfeeding? A friend of mine had to stop for the sake of her back and noticed real improvements once she had done so (to do with the relaxin hormone).

It sounds like you ought to see someone about it.

girliefriend Mon 11-Mar-13 21:04:12

Hello I had/have this, I saw a physio for a while when it was really bad and she said it was due to all my core muscles were rubbish (well maybe not those exact words but that was the general gist!!)

I had an emcs which I don't think helped as they have to cut through stomach muscles. Basically to sort it out entails doing lots of exercises to improve your core strength. I got a gabby logan dvd called twin strength (I think) and found it quite useful once I got past how irritating Gaby and her 'friends' are

cravingcake Tue 12-Mar-13 09:46:17

You could be me. I had my DS just over 16 months ago and have had bad lower back pain since. All my contraction pain was in my back and I had a very difficult birth and I was on my back with stirrups and forceps in the end.

I saw a physio for a few months when my DS was about 10 months old. She diagnosed me immediately as hypermobile (very simply my joints move more than my muscles should let them). Physio suggested trying amitriptyline, which is an anti depressant but if taken at a low dose can help dampen down the nervous system and can help about 1 in 3 people. I've been on this for 3 months and so far not really felt any difference in terms of back pain. But it could be worth a try for you.

Physio was very good as it helped strengthen my core, which will definitely help you. And it helped remind me to lift correctly, which is really important so you are not putting any extra strain on already weak or painful muscles.

The only thing that really helps for me (in any combination depending on how bad it is) is ibuprofen, paracetamol, rest and a hot water bottle on my back when sitting.

I would recommend you see your GP and ask to be referred for physio.

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