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Pain in the bum!

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mais Mon 11-Mar-13 19:52:08

Sounds like you've damaged your coccyx (tailbone). maybe Physio can help, mention it to GP to make sure it's not anything else

clairebzippy Mon 11-Mar-13 19:09:34

Hello mums-

I had my baby boy 6 months ago, after an induced and then rapid delivery as the cord was round his neck.

I noticed a 'bum pain' straight after delivery but assumed it was normal. But he is 6 months now and I still have a real niggly pain in my tailbone. I can't sit for any length of time, sitting to standing hurts and sitting down involves me leaning to one side and rolling into the middle gently! I sound ancient but I'm only 29!

Any ideas what it is or had anything like it? Should I see GP or is it wasting their time?


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