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dimsum123 Mon 11-Mar-13 16:21:57

Has anyone had this condition? Did you have surgery? What was it like? What was the recovery time? What was your sight like afterwards?

I have a consultant appointment tomorrow and am getting nervous about what he might say.

If anyone can share their experience I would be so grateful.


roseanna1 Mon 11-Mar-13 17:51:42

Hi Dimsum....I've had this condition for over 20 years. They might advise that you try hard contact lenses as it stabilises the sight. Don't think they do surgery unless its really problematic. For me, I couldn't do the contacts (annoyed the hell out of me and kept falling out) but get by fine with glasses and my sight is ok in one eye enough to drive etc. Other eye is completely knackered! Don't even think about it day to day tbh. The first (only) hospital appt involved putting some dye in my eye and looking at it through one of those scope things they use at the opticians then saw the consultant straight after and he told me what it was and about the contacts etc. After that its just been dealt with by the opticians, and they see me yearly for check ups just to monitor any deterioration. Hope that helps x

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