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False Awakenings and aura seizures

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soontobeburns Mon 11-Mar-13 23:39:37

Oh that must be so exhausting Gilly :-( I know the argh feeling well.

gilly86 Mon 11-Mar-13 22:53:15

I FREQUENTLY get sleep paralysis and false awakenings!

Sometimes a few times a week.


soontobeburns Mon 11-Mar-13 22:49:10

Um could be due to my totm ellie but I dont think so. Probably due to extreme tiredness more than anything. I was on a hen do in Benidorm last week and go around 12 hours sleep over 4 days.

EllieArroway Mon 11-Mar-13 19:18:44

I don't know anything at all about seizures & auras, but I used to get sleep paralysis when I was in my teens & it's recently started happening again. I'm wondering if there's a hormonal basis for them since I'm in peri-menopause now. Have you considered that?

soontobeburns Mon 11-Mar-13 13:38:07

Its so surreal but just an awful feeling. Worried if I go to the hospital I wont be allowed to drive but if I dont it could progress argh.

headinhands Mon 11-Mar-13 03:55:27

Hi soon. I used to get de-ja-vous along with sickness just how you described from my teens through to my 20's with the same frequency. I remember being told or reading that it was indeed a type of transient/non-serious epilepsy where things happening in the here and now are short circuited into the long term memory for a second. Haven't had it for years/decades.

soontobeburns Mon 11-Mar-13 02:47:41

Hi so I dont know where to start, sorry it will be long.

Basically I have had a few aura seizures where I get intense de ja vu and nausea etc been told its mosy likey eplispybut it hahasn't been confirmed on tests as I have only had 3 in 2 years im also not on any meds etc.

In the last few years though since these started about 4 times a year I have had really intense and eerie Type 2 false awakenings and sleep paralysis. I just had a very bad episode of it tonight and it felt similar to how I feel during my auras and I have a headache, pains etc like I do after an aura.

So could these be linked and it be a form of a night seizure?

Im probably over reacting but it bugs me that no one else I know in RL has it and I am not seeing the neurologist for a few month's, so I just wanna see if I am alone or to hear from others about this

Thanks for reading guys smile

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