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AAAAgh - SHingles ....

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crystaltips Wed 21-Jan-04 12:31:03

I think I could have shingles ...

Thought that it was either an ear infection or wisdom teeth as the right hand side of my face was very sensitive and sore. It felt like there was an infection in there ( somewhere ).
I then got a couple of cold sores ( which I am prone to ).
Now - however, my skin is breaking out in small pimples ( usually skin of an English Rose ) ... and it feels like pin and needles and very sore ....

any ideas .... AND the do's and don'ts .... thanks alot ....

mears Wed 21-Jan-04 12:33:31

Go to the doctors ASAP. If it is shingles he can prescribe anti virals. Shingles on your face needs to be treated as your sight can be affected.

Carla Wed 21-Jan-04 13:05:10

Just wanted to underline everything Mears said. I had it last year and GP said that as I'd seen her so promptly the anti virals would have a better chance - and she was right. Does it hurt anywhere else?

CountessDracula Wed 21-Jan-04 13:45:40

Crystaltips I have just had shingles as a nice little side order with Glandular Fever! The doc said that the sooner you take the anti virals the better. Also you have to be VERY careful it isn't getting in your eyes, if it's on your face I should go to the doc immediately and get it checked out.

Sorry to hear you have this as it can be v painful - hope it clears up soon xx

Hulababy Wed 21-Jan-04 13:48:12

Yes, go to the doctors asap - today if you can. The quicker you get the anti-shingles type of tablets the less hassle you will have.

Lou33 Wed 21-Jan-04 14:43:04

Ds2 had shingles aged 5, and the anti virals definitely helped, although i had to drag her along to 5 doctors before anyone would give it . She was in a lot of pain (it was down her spine and along her arm). I hope it isn't too grim for you.

crystaltips Wed 21-Jan-04 16:57:10

Doesn't sound too good does it. Have an appointment at 9am tomorrow .... only thanks to me crying down the phone to the receptionist - who ( IMO ) thinks she's better at diagnosing things over the phone than the GP. Next she'll tell me that she has a PHD in medicine!
Oh well - I'll just have to sit it out - and try and be nice to the kids .... DH can whistle!!

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