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wtf is wrong with me?

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MikeLitoris Sun 24-Feb-13 19:44:31

Late friday night I started to get a head ache. Started at the back of my head. Really heavy pounding head. Went to bed about 11 and by then I was a bit achey all over.

Woke up yesterday with sore throat (no tonsils if that makes a diff) and same head ache. As the day went on my neck and back got stiffer until I could hardly move upper body. I was thinking start of flu maybe?

Woke up today much the same, al my joints in uper body are extremely stiff, cannot move my neck at all. My head spins everytime I move. It feels like my brain is too big for my head iygwim.

Even blinking makes me feel spaced out. I cant lift my arms and my lower back is agony. Legs aand feet feel fine.

No other cold/flu symtoms. Painkillers not touching my head and I take amitriptilyne (sp) which I thought may help joint/muscle pain but isnt.

Any ideas?

Sorry for spelling mistakes, even typing this is making my head spin.

MikeLitoris Sat 02-Mar-13 21:39:07

Well no one mentioned that as a possible cause. Doesnt sound like much fun.

I'm still amazed that I'm sooo wiped out. Took 2 of the dc to soft play today and I am exhausted! All I did was sit and drink tea for a few hours shock

earlyriser Fri 01-Mar-13 10:10:23

It's an inner ear infection, and causes dizziness, when i had it, i couldn't make sudden movements of the head, was almost fainting everytime i stood up too quickly (or just stood up) and generally felt very travel sick the whole time. The symptoms are easily sorted with medication, but the infection has to just go in it' own good time.

gingeroots Fri 01-Mar-13 09:18:07

one of the presenters on BBC London ( regular midday onwards ,can't remember name ) was struck down with this last Friday .
He was describing his symptoms when he got back to work - sounds awful .

MikeLitoris Thu 28-Feb-13 20:44:32

No one mentioned that early. I've never heard of it tbh.

Im feeling loads better. Completely wiped out and sudden movements are a no no but loads better.

earlyriser Thu 28-Feb-13 20:41:44

Has anyone mentioned Labyrinthitis yet? Could cause the sickness and feeling better when lying still. Not sure it causes stiff joints though, but definitely could make you light headed and discombobulated grin

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 27-Feb-13 08:30:52

If you're anything like me, it'll be a good couple of weeks before you're fult back on your feet. Make sure you take regular pain relief to keep on top of it. Hope you got some sleep!

cjel Wed 27-Feb-13 08:29:38

hope you had a good night and feel even better today.

LRDtheFeministDragon Tue 26-Feb-13 22:06:23

Oh, yuck, sorry you're still feeling so bad. It does sound like a very good sign you have more movement in your neck, though. I hope you're better again, tomorrow.

MikeLitoris Tue 26-Feb-13 22:05:18

I feel ok as long as I dont actually move.

I have been sick once this evening and I think that has knocked me back a bit I think.

Have much more movement back in my neck so thats a good thing at last.

cjel Tue 26-Feb-13 21:52:29

How you doing tonight?

MikeLitoris Tue 26-Feb-13 09:48:10

Ive stopped being sick and have no probs with hydration tbh so Im happy to be home.

Im very lucky sometimes to have pil right next door and they are brilliant with looking after the dc. Older 2 are in school and the youngest is with pil now so I'm off to sleep the day away!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 26-Feb-13 08:52:06

If its viral, there's not a lot they can do to be fair. With me in similar circumstances, they only kept me in to keep my nausea, dehydration and pain under control. It did take me some time to recover though. Take it very easy. Take any offers of help you get!

LRDtheFeministDragon Mon 25-Feb-13 22:36:37


Sounds good - have a good and restful night.

MikeLitoris Mon 25-Feb-13 22:35:56

I appreciate the concern lrd. I wont take any risks and if I feel any worse I'll be straight back in.

LRDtheFeministDragon Mon 25-Feb-13 22:32:52

Well, hope you do feel better soon. And take care - go in if you're worse.

(Sorry, I sound like a nag, hope you see I'm concerned rather than anything else.)

MikeLitoris Mon 25-Feb-13 22:29:42

I will most definitely be more relaxed here at home.

I dont the stress and worry of a hospital stay will do me any favours.

I hadnt thought of the antibiotics like that lucyellen. Makes sense I suppose. I will make a start on those before bed.

LRDtheFeministDragon Mon 25-Feb-13 22:24:08

Oh, gosh. Sorry, this sounds scary, I hope you are ok. Are you sure you shouldn't be in hospital? I had a mate who had meningitis and I don't want to scare you, but it was very serious.

Lucyellensmum95 Mon 25-Feb-13 22:12:02

Wow - thats really bad of the doctor - but there is a value in the antibiotics because it will prevent any secondary infection that often occurs when you get so run down from a virus. But WHY don't you want to stay in hospital? you are properly poorly lady!

MikeLitoris Mon 25-Feb-13 21:58:20

Had a bad few hours and ended up back up hospital.

Dr thinks definitely viral meningitis but has given me antibiotics. That isnt right is it?

She said as I didnt want to stay in hospital she couldnt let me leave with nothing. As I have been ill for more than two days antibiotics and painkillers are the only thing she can give.

Im confused tbh.

lucjam Mon 25-Feb-13 15:45:46

Phew! Glad you are ok. Take it easy x

MikeLitoris Mon 25-Feb-13 15:27:47

I'm home and resting.

Feel less spaced out now but still very stiff.

Hopefully the painkillers will kick in soon.

duende Mon 25-Feb-13 12:55:06

I agree with the WTF brigade, go home and chill, woman!
Glad you're feeling a bit better.

cardamomginger Mon 25-Feb-13 10:54:00

Was about to say well done for being sensible and getting yourself checked. but then read the part about you being at work?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!! WTF????? GO HOME. NOW. X

gingeroots Mon 25-Feb-13 09:51:23

go home .
think being ill sometimes impairs one's judgement about things like "am I well enough to go to work " !

cjel Mon 25-Feb-13 09:49:28

Hope you do!!! take care.

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