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Bastard Cystitis

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ScreamingFoxtrots Fri 22-Feb-13 09:47:00

Need a bit of a moan and some advice please.

I started a bout of cystitis last Wednesday (though think it was brewing for some time, haven't felt properly well since new year) so toddled off to the drop in centre for antibiotics as I always need them when I get a UTI. I was given trimethoprim, and after three days was in severe pain in my left kidney so called out of hours who replaced my antibiotics with cephalexin. I've been on that since Sunday and still need to pee all the time.

I called my GP who wouldn't see me but did a telephone consultation, and said I need to provide a sample - by the time I got to the surgery the van had been and gone so I was told to come in with my sample in the morning. I've just peed and its cloudy and stinks (sorry, tmi), which are two indicators of infection, and my kidney is sore again. My GP has said I need to wait for the culture to come back on Tuesday for them to give me any other antibiotics, which I do understand but I'm in so much pain!

Any tips/advice. Should I just go and demand an appointment or just wait and continue drinking gallons of water whilst attached to my hot water bottle for another five days?

hiddenhome Fri 22-Feb-13 19:57:54

I'd say you need antibiotics now and you should go to an out of hours surgery.

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