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choking ,trouble swallowing - reassurance sought

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gingeroots Wed 20-Feb-13 11:11:54

Taking 20mg omeprazole last 6 weeks ,previously ranatadine .

Problem getting worse ,food gets stuck ,throat seems to spasm and food wont go up or down .

Went to A&E Monday night but managed to bring up some food on way there and some more eventually while waiting so left - horrendously crowded - without being seen .

Made emergency appt with GP for Tuesday but had to cancel because elderly mother had crisis .

Have GP appt for Monday but just hoping someone can reassure me until then .

I think I'm most scared of not being able to breathe ,so far I can ,so that's ok isn't it ?

Trying to keep myself safe - think eating macaroni cheese one segment at a time ,drinking honey and water to soothe throat ( sore after mega session on Monday ) . Have doubled omeprazole dose - says you can on enclosed leaflet .

Any advice or tips from people who also suffer ?

Buzzardbird Thu 21-Feb-13 00:02:51

I think you are taking the wrong medicine for your condition. Do you have an acid reflux problem?
It sounds like you need the endoscope to see what the restriction is. It is probably a hernia but unless you have acid coming up into your throat those meds are not going to improve it.

gingeroots Thu 21-Feb-13 09:18:20

Before I started taking ranatadine I had acid reflux ,acid coming into my throat .

FoxyRevenger Thu 21-Feb-13 21:33:41

I used to get this pretty badly, especially at night. I'd wake up unable to catch my breath, REALLY scary.

Also ended up in A&E as some steak got stuck, oesophageal muscles went into spasm and had to have IV muscle relaxant.

I was prescribed Omeprazole which worked in the main; only still worry if I eat or drink too close to bed time. Quite often sleep on three pillows.

Oh, and barium swallow showed a hernia, but not bad enough to warrant more aggressive treatment.

You have my sympathy, it's proper scary at times.

gingeroots Fri 22-Feb-13 08:17:48

That's helpful Foxy ,I've had this at night as well .
DP said he thought I was having a panic attack and turned over and went back to sleep . Sigh .

Really helpful to know about the IV muscle relaxant .
My not very helpful DP ( he just panics and wants reassurance himself ) was saying to me while he drove me to A&E
" Well ,what do you think they can do at hospital ?"

I'm worrying now that if they want to do the camera thing it will be difficult to get a tube down my throat ( every time I eat anything solid I can feel it ,sore and slow to go down ) and what happens if my throat goes in to spasm while they're doing it ?

Buzzardbird Fri 22-Feb-13 12:46:36

A little advice on the endoscope ginger I had this as it turned out I not only had a hernia but I also have GERD as the condition was allowed to carry on for too long. If they send you for an endoscope and try to encourage you not to have any anesthetic, don't listen to them, have the anesthetic as I ended up in a right state and wouldn't wish that on anyone else.
The endoscope is a good thing though as it is very reassuring to know exactly what is wrong with you and it can then be treated correctly. Ranitidine and similar products were totally ineffective for me.

gingeroots Fri 22-Feb-13 18:04:38

I would definitely want all the anesthetic etc that I could have .

What treatment did you have for your hernia Buzzard ?

My problems seem to have got worse since starting the omeprazole .

Buzzardbird Sat 23-Feb-13 14:02:44

I take Lansoprazole every day.

Surgery was not offered but I know it is possible as I believe John Prescott had it.

My best way of avoiding pain is diet management.

You need the endoscope though in case you have GERDS as this needs to be managed.

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