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Sore down there!

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Firsttimebabygirl Tue 19-Feb-13 22:54:15

I've got what looks like skin tags but its getting worse. It's on my labia, my anus, and now the outside of my vagina... Sound familiar? Help!

thornrose Tue 19-Feb-13 22:55:23

Is it possible you have genital warts?

Firsttimebabygirl Tue 19-Feb-13 22:58:17

Well I wouldn't have thought so, I've been with the same partner for years and its only happened over the last month.

thornrose Tue 19-Feb-13 23:03:19

Ok, I don't know you or your circumstances, Ill leave you to it.

hiddenhome Wed 20-Feb-13 21:46:11

I think you need to get checked out. You may have been faithful, but has your partner?

Firsttimebabygirl Wed 20-Feb-13 23:08:45

Thank you I will, as much as i didnt want to think it, the thought had crossed my mind.

starfishmummy Wed 20-Feb-13 23:18:52

I don't think it means he has been unfaithful. You can have the hpv virus without knowing, and presumably sometimes it flares up into warts.

Firsttimebabygirl Wed 20-Feb-13 23:19:15

God, now I am freaking out. What if it us an STI. Not only will I have lost my partner due to him being unfaithful but I could be stuck with this for the rest of my life! I feel so tainted and dirty.

Firsttimebabygirl Wed 20-Feb-13 23:20:31

Oh ok thank you starfishmummy... I can tell I won't sleep tonight.

MrsSham Wed 20-Feb-13 23:29:17

Genital warts can lay dormant for years, it may have been contracted a long time ago and triggered by lowered immunity, a flare up can be triggered in pregnancy or illness. However there is dispute about weather the HPV virus remains in our body or disappears.

I would certainly get checked out but remember it does not mean anyone has been unfaithful.

MrsSham Wed 20-Feb-13 23:30:20

HPV I should say can lay dormant not genital warts as HPV is the virus that causes warts.

thornrose Wed 20-Feb-13 23:50:14

I'm sorry, I feel bad for being the first to suggest this and also I wish I'd been a bit kinder in my response sad

Firsttimebabygirl Thu 21-Feb-13 22:32:00

Thank you all for your help.

MrsSham Thu 21-Feb-13 22:34:59

Are you OK OP? X

MrsSham Thu 21-Feb-13 22:35:18

Pm if you like.

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