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JUICERS, any recommendations?

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Rhiannon Mon 14-Jan-02 21:55:05

Don't want just a citrus squeezer but one that does things like carrots too! Can anyone recommend one that's not too messy (easy clean). Apparently they have a name like trituration juicers (correct me if I'm wrong please). R.

Rhiannon Tue 15-Jan-02 20:49:49

Oh come on, can't believe someone hasn't got one! R.

Willow2 Tue 15-Jan-02 21:36:36

Rhiannon - I've got one - but for the life of me I can't remember the make. Think it was Kenwood. Hang on.... am going to find out.

Willow2 Tue 15-Jan-02 21:40:03

No, it's a moulinex! It's quite old now - about five years or so, and it is a bugger to clean. But it does make the most delicious juices. Lots of companies do them - bet if you look in the argos catalogue you would find them, or a decent department store like John Lewis. Look for one that has a separate department to all the slush to go in to as that helps a bit. I think the only ones that are really easy to clean cost an arm and a leg. Bet Which? has done a report or one of the lifestyle mags. If you do get one experiment with veg and fruit juices - as a basic rule apple is the one fruit you know will mix well with vegetable juices and carrot is the one veg that will mix well with all fruits. Try carrot, apple and a chunk of ginger. Or, if you're feeling very healthy, spinach, carrot, apple, celery and ginger. Looks gross but is quite a healthy buzz!

Rhiannon Wed 16-Jan-02 10:16:08

Thanks. R

JanZ Wed 16-Jan-02 10:34:55

I bought dh a Moulinex Duo for his Christmas, which does both the centrifugal juicing and the citrus juicing. He's only used it once (making something with Kiwi fruit and cucumber - very nice) and washed it up himself afterwards, so I can't comment on how easy it was. If I try it myself this week, I'll let you know.

It seemed to be the most reasonably priced of the dual juicers (ie does citrus as well) - £99 in the shops (more if you want Chrome) - or £75 from Costco.

lilibet Sat 09-Aug-03 15:57:03

resurecting this as I am thinking of buyin one as a pressie for a friend. Anyone any suggestions (cant spend &75). Did you get one Rhiannon, I know that you're not called that anymore, is it rockingrosebud? Or am i getting confused? Its the heat!

bayleaf Sat 09-Aug-03 18:13:35

Yes more recommendations please ( any price) as dh has just announced that he wants one for his bday.

Janeway Sat 09-Aug-03 18:41:03

got the Magimix a few weeks ago and getting on with it well - nice and quite and really dries out the pulp extracting loads of juice - only prob so far (minor one)is having to empty the metal basket of pulp if doing loads of juice. Favourite drink thus far is 2 punnets rasberries, 6 nectarines, couple of apples and bottle of Asti

Twink Mon 10-Nov-03 18:14:48

I quite fancy one for Christmas; has anyone got anything else to add to this thread (pro or anti)?

katierocket Mon 10-Nov-03 18:23:36

I've got one - can't remember make. really good, made thousands of different juices for a few months then it went into the cupboard and not used it for ages. mine isn't too difficult to clean but all of them have fiddly bits and you have to clean straight after using otherwise they smell horrid. made me feel very healthy though. I drank loads when pg with DS and he came out 9lb 13oz so must have done something right.

wiltshire Tue 11-Nov-03 00:20:52

I have a moulinex one, it cost about 40 quid. Made juices and was extremely healthy for a week and it's now in the cupboard along with the breadmaker, blender and sandwich toaster. The juices were lovely. Carrot & pear (believe it or not) is nice. Extremely easy to clean providing you have a washing up bowl of water handy to dump the bits in after juicing (otherwise they dry stick to it and is hard to clean). Just sluice them around in it and it's done. The reason I stopped using it - too much hassle when I can buy smoothies etc from the shop.

layla Tue 11-Nov-03 12:06:19

I've used a friends one which is a Jack or Jaques La Lane one from QVC.It's excellent and quite easy to clean,dismantles easily.

bobsmum Tue 11-Nov-03 12:30:15

I've got the juicer attachment for the Kenwwod chef - it's great but I don't use it nearly enough.

salt Tue 11-Nov-03 12:41:04

I have a moulinex duo it was £80, it supurb, easy to clean and all the bits go in the dishwasher. Cant fault it really,

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