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Rosacea - alternatives to antibiotics

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TunipTheVegedude Mon 18-Feb-13 10:48:03

Arsing cunting rosacea is trying to ruin my life.

I went to the doc about it last autumn, and he put me on antibiotics, and for a while I looked like a normal person but it also made me very nauseous and I lost a fair bit of weight because it was hard to get food down when I felt so sick.

Have been off the antibiotics for about 2 months and it's come back with a vengeance - I don't just look so hideous I struggle with going out in public, it is also quite itchy and painful.

What other treatments are there? I have another appointment this Fri. Does anyone have any experiences of successful treatments they can share?

Procrastinating Mon 11-Mar-13 18:41:33

I know just how you feel OP. I had rosacea for years and I tried everything. Nothing worked until I got the right antibiotic. It made my life such a misery that I wish I hadn't messed around trying various potions & diets before I went for medication. I tried a few different antibiotics before finding one that suited me, then I took it for over 6 months. It worked.
Rosacea can go into remission, I have been completely free of it for 7 years now. Hope your new antibiotics work for you Turnip, I still look in the mirror every day and feel so thankful that it has gone.

Procrastinating Mon 11-Mar-13 18:43:31

Just wanted to add that I found dead sea mud mask soap (about £3 from Boots) works well, & yes Clinique redness solutions moisturiser, but not the cleanser.

artsybetty Wed 17-Apr-13 23:15:12

Hello to all !
I'm new on here - this is my first post - but just want to say a big thankyou for all the info given here re the rosacea problem - never knew that about the skin mites tho' Eeuuwww!!!!.

After reading this thread a while ago, and after trying countless other preparations, prescription s etc, I bought some sudocreme (yep, it's a babybottom rash creme), and finally, after walking round with facial cheeks that mimic the redness of a baboons bottom for heck knows how many years, I can honestly say that the twice daily application of this cream on my skin is definitely working, and that I'm now more of a mid pink tone, and am not blushing at the drop of a hat anymore!

It does tend to leave a white film on the skin, but at night that's not a problem. Through the day if I'm at home, I've applied it - and hope i don't get any visitors, but I don't know how it would work under make up as I don't use it.

Also, as I read somewhere, I've been using a little fake tan moisturiser to blend my (usually) ghost white complexion with the redness, so that there isn't such an obvious divide between the two.

Hope this is useful.

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