Baby's front tooth coming out broken - what happens next?

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QueenBOObread Sat 16-Feb-13 22:45:13

My 13 month old's front teeth are coming through and the one on the left hand side is clearly broken - so far it's the tip of a diagonal, rather than a rectangle coming down.

I feel just sick about it. I keep thinking back to a bump he had a few weeks ago - he fell against our toy kitchen and cut his mouth. I couldn't see where, but there was plenty of blood - but within 10 minutes it had all cleared up and he was quite happy.

I think that he must have broken his tooth within the gum?

Are there any dentists out there who have seen this? I have lots of questions!

* I haven't noticed the broken off bit coming out - could it cause problems?

* Will it cause him pain? He's perfectly happy at the moment, but I wonder if there is an exposed nerve currently hidden under the gum which could become painful as the tooth emerges?

* If he needs it to be capped(?) when would this happen? Would we wait until he is older - or does it depend on whether there's any pain?

* How do dentists go about carrying out dental treatment with a baby? Do they knock them out?

I guess these things do happen - and far worse - but it's so sad when something permanent happens to a perfect little baby sad. <Tries to get a grip>

(I know that it is possible to have additional teeth, especially in the middle of the front teeth, but this doesn't look as though it's the right shape - from the little I can see, it isn't conical and its side edge is sharp.)

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BestIsWest Sat 16-Feb-13 23:00:00

Hi Queen. Could it be that the tooth is simply coming out at an angle? One of my DCs had a tooh that came out like this. After a while it straightened up. He had a lovely gappy grin for a while though.

QueenBOObread Sat 16-Feb-13 23:10:47

Oh how I'd love that - but it has a curve on the "cut" edge so it doesn't look like a straight bit coming out at an angle.

But thanks for the thought smile

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Trazzletoes Sat 16-Feb-13 23:16:30

I don't know the answer to many of your questions but DS chipped his front teeth quite badly when he was 1 1/2. The dentists said not to worry as its too hard work to fix baby teeth when they are going to fall out in a few years anyway and they will try to avoid capping them wherever possible.

I thought he might have nerve damage too but he doesn't. I cried buckets at the time but neither of us even notices now.

steppemum Sat 16-Feb-13 23:17:17

my dds front big teeth came out looking as if it had a broken diagonal edge. It has since straightened and now looks normal. The edge of it looked sharp and broken too, but it isn't and now it looks ok

AbbyCat Sat 16-Feb-13 23:22:43

I also agree its probably the angle. I imagine it must be incredibly difficult to break a tooth while its within your babys jaw without a serious head injury. Surely it doesn't matter anyway as its milk teeth?

QueenBOObread Sat 16-Feb-13 23:49:20

Interesting thought, Abby, re the force required. That must be right. I'm going to have a good look again tomorrow and keep fingers crossed that it's just a funny angle.

I know what you mean that it's just a milk tooth but I'm worried about dental surgery and also it's a long time before the next set come along and I have terrible teeth so feel super-sensitive about his...

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UnrequitedSkink Sat 16-Feb-13 23:55:24

As far

UnrequitedSkink Sat 16-Feb-13 23:56:34

Oops, as far as I know the milk teeth don't have nerves so even if broken at least it shouldn't cause him any pain.

QueenBOObread Sun 17-Feb-13 00:17:53

Thanks Unrequited that's a comforting thought.

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MrsMorton Sun 17-Feb-13 13:07:55

They do have nerves in them and they are massive compared to the ones in adult teeth however I would be really really very very surprised if it is broken begotten it's erupted. I've never heard of it happening.

Dmartinsx Fri 03-Jul-20 13:47:10

Hi there mama!

I know your post about your baby’s front tooth is from a few years back but it’s 2020, and i feel like i could have written your exact same words! My 10 month old baby is going through the same thing and i feel so sad that he’s in pain sad. His tooth is growing out exactly like your description, and he also bumped his mouth and had some bleeding. Just wondering 7 years later, how things went and how it was treated? And if everything grew back okay? I’ve been struggling with finding anyone who’s been through a similar situation online and this is the first post i’ve seen that sounds close to my baby’s situation. Thank you!

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