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Quite sudden weight gain - suggestions?

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minxthemanx Sat 16-Feb-13 19:39:20

Oh and feeling cold - I saw my GP a while back as my feet are stone cold even in the summer, and were beginning to hurt. She sent me for Doppler scan to check circulation which appeared to be ok, but I gather sensitivity to the cold is another thyroid symptom. God I feel so fat, am sitting here with blubber hanging everywhere, horrible. sad

minxthemanx Sat 16-Feb-13 19:34:54

Kurri you read my mind - my Mum has had most of her thyroid taken out and is on daily thyroxin, and it occurred to me this afternoon that it might be related. (Thyroid problems hereditary?) I did a quick symptom check and tiredness, headaches (I've had 4 bouts of what I assumed was sinusitis in the last 3 months), sudden weight gain etc... in some ways I hope it is thyroid related, as can be sorted. Life is going to be miserable if I am constantly battling to lose this extra weight - (DC had oven cooked Harry Ramsdens cod in batter tonight, with chips, yum, I had 4 fish fingers,broccoli and carrots. Last night they had pizza, I had beans on wholemeal toast sad) btw we don't usually eat crap but had v busy end of half term. I will make apt with Dr on Monday.

KurriKurri Sat 16-Feb-13 17:48:32

Thyroid problems will make you pack on weight very quickly and suddenly - I'd go to the GP, - not saying it is underactive thyroid, but if it is, it will take time to do a blood test and get you on the correct dose of thyroxine, and meantime you will keep putting on weight which will be hard to shift.

Hopefully it's not this in your case, - actually probably more likely to be something hormonal, but thought I'd say because the weight thing happened to me and its been a bugger to get rid of. Thyroid problems also make you feel very tired, which you mention in your post.

minxthemanx Sat 16-Feb-13 16:56:40

Over past 3 weeks I've put on half a stone, all my clothes are too tight and I can't wait to get into pyjamas/leggings at night to be comfy. Bra too tight as well. Went on mirena coil last 5 months ago - surely if it was down to that the weight would have piled on earlier than this? No change in diet - generally eat really healthily - odd biscuit at work at break, but no substantial change in diet. This morning, despite being knackered, got up and went for a run in desperation at size of stomach and waist - felt crap afterwards, fluey and achey! Have done a pregnancy test which was negative. Am peed off and perplexed as to why I've piled on half a stone of flab and don;t fit into my clothes. I was a healthy size 14, massive bazookas all my life, but have shot up to 10.5 stone and no sign of it shifting. Any thoughts?

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