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Anyone know about warfarin and INR levels? Please!

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TheDeadlyDonkey Fri 15-Feb-13 21:15:10

DH is on warfarin to treat a carotid artery dissection. He is supposed to have INR levels kept between 2 and 3.
Last week following a week taking 3mg of warfarin, his INR was 1.9. He was told to wait 2 weeks until his next blood test, and continue on 3 mg of warfarin.
I arranged a blood test this week, as the INR levels had got lower on 3 mg, so presumably would continue to get lower.
The receptionist seemed quite pee'd off that I brought the blood test forward.
He had the test today, and his INR is now down to 1.5
The last time it was that low, dh was still on daily heparin injections, and it was a matter of urgency to get within therapeutic levels as quickly as possible.
He has been advised to alternate 4 and 3 mg of warfarin for the next 2 weeks until his next arranged blood test.

To dh and me, this seems a long time to leave him outside the correct INR levels, but not being dr's, we're not sure.
There is an open surgery in the morning, so he's going to try to see a GP about this.

Just wondering if anyone knows anything about INR levels etc and can advise us about how important it is to keep within 2 and 3, and whether going to see the GP is the right thing to do at this stage?

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