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notnagging Fri 15-Mar-13 05:23:52

I feel for you op, I used to get them really badly when I was a kid. I am careful not to go out in the cold too much now & wear at least 2 pairs of socks. What socks do you wear? I wear bed socks outside & leave the plug in when I'm having a shower to heat them up. I am also careful about what shoes I wear in the cold. If my shoes aren't warm enough I put in thermal insoles.

nooka Fri 15-Mar-13 04:37:55

Not unacceptable! susceptible

nooka Fri 15-Mar-13 04:37:38

My sympathies, chilblains are horrible. I have found that over the counter creams help, so it's worth asking a pharmacist. I get cold feet so am always a bit unacceptable. I know that when I take more exercise I'm much less likely to get them as my circulation really improves.

ripsishere Fri 15-Mar-13 04:21:19

Pee on them or put them in a bowl of urine <proabably an old wives tale but it certainly helps my dad>
I'd go and see the doctor. Are your hands cold too? could you have Raynauds?

BerylStreep Thu 14-Mar-13 22:00:42

Ooh, I can sympathise, out of nowhere I have suddenly developed what feels like 8 of them over my feet. I don't even recall getting cold feet.

Dahlialover Fri 15-Feb-13 15:53:47

I have kept my feet really warm and have two new ones on my second toe, so I sympathise fully.

Sometimes, putting sudocrem on helps (in my imagination anyway, it makes lose their bright redness) but I Do Not recommend anything with chillis in it.

(Off to put a hat on)

emma123456 Fri 15-Feb-13 13:16:13

They have flared up again on my toes and are very painful. I do my best to avoid getting cold in the first place but its not always that easy. Any tips to make them go away! Am struggling to walk.

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