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Is there a prescription only insecticide based nit killer of nuclear potency since I need to go to doctors If so

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Selba Thu 14-Feb-13 00:12:50

nitty gritty comb

chimchar Wed 13-Feb-13 23:31:40

Very recent success here with a nitty gritty comb and hedrin.

Good luck.

fergoose Wed 13-Feb-13 23:27:41

nitty gritty comb is the only one that worked for me, that with conditioner mixed with neem oil.

Notquitegrownup Wed 13-Feb-13 11:10:43

And wash pillow cases/hats every time you comb too . .

seeker Tue 12-Feb-13 17:42:13

And comb him too. You have to comb everyone.

hmc Tue 12-Feb-13 17:41:14

Ok thanks - will try the Malathion and involve dh too (I have been combing myself)

FannyFifer Tue 12-Feb-13 16:34:20

If u happened to live near me I would de louse you,its so hard to comb out on your own head. grin

pirouette Tue 12-Feb-13 16:32:04

this stuff Mum was a nit nurse and used this combined with a fine tooth comb.

seeker Tue 12-Feb-13 16:28:18

If you've hedrined and combed and it hasn't worked, you're either not doing it properly, or you're getting reinfested. Are you doing everyone in the family?

Notquitegrownup Tue 12-Feb-13 16:27:35

Don't forget to absolutely drench your head in conditioner and to massage it into every corner, before combing. I used to use about 1/3 of a bottle of conditioner each time I combed - every 36 hours. They can hang onto wet hair when you comb apparently, but the conditioner means that they slip off.

Essential, IME, not to miss a combing, but to comb every 36 hours for a week.

Best of luck. This too will pass . . . . .

Dahlialover Tue 12-Feb-13 16:22:25

I used a comb with a proper handle and long enough teeth to get through to the scalp. It was a flea comb from the pet shop. It was much better than anything from the chemist. Pets are much better catered for IMHO.

Also, comb with a wide tooth comb, then ordinary comb first to get the hair smooth and untangled.

Comb until nothing comes out after 20 combs.

TanteRose Tue 12-Feb-13 15:00:52

Are you trying to comb them out yourself?

Doesn't work - do you have a partner? My DH combed my nits out when I got them...dead romantic grin

FannyFifer Tue 12-Feb-13 14:54:00

What comb are you using? It's all about the combing. grin

TheLateMrPamuk Tue 12-Feb-13 14:51:20

Malathion is what she prescribed me. Not sure if you can buy it over counter though.

toughdecisions Tue 12-Feb-13 14:47:03

Nyda which you can get OTC will do the trick in one go if you do all the family and follow the instructions to the letter. Kills the nits and the eggs. (No vested interest other than cutting the sharing of nits!)

TheLateMrPamuk Tue 12-Feb-13 14:46:25

I once had super nits and doctor gave me something beginning with m it really was like putting a nuclear bomb on my head.
Will google and try and we if I can find it.

hmc Tue 12-Feb-13 14:43:43

have done hedrin, lyclear, full marks not once but several times over. Nit combing constantly. Tea tree oil shampoo etc but nada - been suffering for 3-4 weeks now. Am pinning my hopes on prescription only super strong stuff if such a thing exists. Am very close to getting head shaved and wearing wig

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