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Really Worried about abnormal smear test result - high grade dyskaryosis found - should I be?

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Bluesclueless Thu 14-Feb-13 18:32:26

Thank you so much both! Sounds like many others have gone through the same thing and are fine. I do still have butterflies though!

BelaLug0si Tue 12-Feb-13 21:08:00

Can I suggest you read this recent thread, where I've posted some useful links and there's a bit of discussion about what the results mean. There's someone else who's recently had the same result.

digerd Tue 12-Feb-13 12:06:00

Just looked up Dyskaryosis on Google, and normally " high grade" is classed as "moderate"
30 years ago I was diagnosed with Displasia grade 4 which was also called CIS < Carcinoma in Situ>. Had it all taken away and never returned.

Bluesclueless Mon 11-Feb-13 23:21:15

I've just had a letter from the doctor after having my first smear test (@ 27 yrs- I know I should have gone at 25 but I've been working abroad). Its come back with abnormal cell changes and says that they found "high grade dyskaryosis" shock in my sample and I have been given an appointment at the local hospital to have a coloscopy and possible treatment (in 3 weeks time). I am really, really worried as I have read that "high grade dyskaryosis" is likely to mean CIN3 changes - which seem to be the most serious. I am guessing that high grade dyskaryosis means 'severe'. It's so scary!

Also as a teenager I may have picked up HPV accidentally, though this was never confirmed in subsquent health checks and is not mentioned in my test result. I am worried that this has had an effect.

I am so scared that they will find these serious pre-cancerous cells or worse cancer itself. A friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer, which makes the test result ever more worrying (though she had symptoms, whereas I haven't had any)!

Has anyone had the same result as me and been absolutely fine? It would really help me feel better. I haven't slept all night as I have been so worried about this. sad sad

Also I read that being on the pill for prolonged period of time can add to the risk, so that's got me thinking about stopping just in case!

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