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What the 'eckers is this on my foot???

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NameAndChanged Sun 10-Feb-13 21:59:18

I have a lump on the outside of my foot. Its like a hard ring of skin but a sort of rock hard 'skin tag' grows in the middle. Its hard skin. I pull it out with tweezers and it grows back in a few weeks and I have to pull it out again.

The thing in the middle just pulls out wiyh tweezers.

It doesnt.look like any veruca on google.

Its not soft or sore or itchy its just annoying.

Any ideas?

CityTiliDie Mon 11-Feb-13 07:22:58

Impossible to diagnose with 100% certainty without seeing it but it does sound like a HPV lesion or wart to you and me. It would only be a veruca if it was on the sole of the foot and the pressure of you walking on it caused it to grow inwards.

Go see a Foothealth Professional/Chiropodist for certain diagnosos and treatment ideas.
Good luck

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