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32 and have full dentures

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starshaker Sun 10-Feb-13 10:19:21

And i am so relieved. My teeth have been awful for as long as i can remember. I had suffered with toothache and abscesses pretty much constantly for the last 7 years. My teeth went completely downhill while i was pregnant with DD1. I was sick every day and the enamel just went and my teeth started to crumble. I had smoked for 19 years (quit in may) and that had clearly had an impact on my teeth too.

So i am now 4 days in and even though im in a bit of pain it is nothing like the pain i was living with every day. I now have a nice smile. I cant remember the last time i actually let myself smile in public. I always looked like such a miserable cow which was turning me into one.

I still have other stuff i need to do to make me have confidence but im sure the fact i cant actually eat anything yet will help with the weight loss lol.

Anyway just thought i would post this since there is such a stigma about dentures. But if you think about it how many people with the perfect smile has their own teeth. Dentures, crowns, implants, bridges and veneers are all false yet the rich and famous almost promote it.

saycheeeeeese Sun 10-Feb-13 10:24:19

Good for you! My FIL got full dentures at the age of 20!! I totally understand where you are coming from though I havectge less drastic option of braces (my teeth are good condition jyst very crooked and crowded)

It would surprise you how many people have opted for dentures and veneers.

starshaker Sun 10-Feb-13 10:39:32

Im also completely dental phobic. Had panic attacks even taking the children in because of the smell. So i had a general anesthetic and had everything done at the same time. Ive managed to go into the dentist and make an appointment without freaking out. Think its cos i now know they cant tie me down and attack me (irrational i know but then what phobia isnt) since there is nothing for them to do. I really hope what ive done will make sure my children take better care of their teeth and it will make taking them less stressful to everybody involved

saycheeeeeese Sun 10-Feb-13 10:51:14

I hope so, I can understand why people have a phobia of the dentist, its very invasive having someone working on your mouth for such long periods, and the sucky thing the nurse uses jams down your throat is horrible!

Im slowly getting used to going now because I have to go at least once a month, but I too will be indoctrinating my DD about the importance of oral health.

starshaker Sun 10-Feb-13 17:42:45

Is there anybody else out there who has gone through this? Just wondering how long it will likely be till i can actually eat food lol

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