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Dentist - Help I'm scared!!!

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KatieMac Fri 16-Jan-04 21:13:41

I know its really stupid but i hate/am frightened of the dentist (and generally having things in my mouth). I know I have to get some major work done (4 or 6 crowns) but I NEED help. Does anyone know anything about Hypnotherapy or does anything else work.
It's not the dentist by the way - he's lovely

Lisa78 Fri 16-Jan-04 21:40:49

Dentist can prescribe something to take the edge off your fear, its not ideal I know, but I am hysterical about the dentist - even having her clean my teeth results in screaming abdabs and DH a gibbering wreck - with several broken fingers! For anything major, I get the sedative, it helps but it doesn't stop the fear totally
Alternatively, with such a large amount of work, you may be able to have it done at the dental hospital where they can knock you out - thats bliss! (Larger dental practices can do it - its a matter of having the necessary equipment on hand should there be an emergency with you!) I had that when I had my wisdom teeth out, all I recall is having a jab in my arm and a few seconds later, screaming at them not to start, I was still awake, then it was all over!!!
My sister had hypnotherapy once, which her dentist did, and she swears by it, she still hasn't become fearful, but I have 2 friends that tried it and said it didn't make a scrap of difference. Personally I would rather be under the influence of a drug than have hypnotism!
Good luck

JanH Fri 16-Jan-04 21:46:55

It's not stupid, katiemac, loads of people feel like that - a lot of dental work is very uncomfortable, often actually painful, and sitting with your mouth wide open for long stretches is not easy.

Have you spoken to your lovely dentist about it to see what he would advise? He will have lots of nervous patients and won't think any worse of you for it.

KatieMac Fri 16-Jan-04 22:04:34

He gives me valium but I need more!!! Pethidine would be nice or some sort or reverse epidural.

But its not really the pain - its more the things (fingers bits of metal etc) in my mouth.

He work do it at the local Anesthetic centre another dentist would have to do it and I don't fancy that - he suggested the hypnotherapy but I'm not sure

JanH Fri 16-Jan-04 22:40:40

Is valium the sedative that Lisa mentioned?

Could you try hypnotherapy for a small procedure (not crowns - polishing or something?) first to see how you felt with it?

KatieMac Sat 17-Jan-04 09:08:04

Thats what I'm hoping I have a check up in Feb so I'm thinking of trying Hypnotherapy very soon - just hoped someone had a good experience to tell me

Goodness I depend on Mumsnet (and after such a short time)!!

ks Sat 17-Jan-04 09:51:13

Message withdrawn

lydialemon Sat 17-Jan-04 10:50:17

Katiemac I don't think you are being stupid at all. Before I had DS2 I had to have intravenous valium (lovely stuff!) for everything. I could just about have a check up if someone held my hand, and I still cried through it!

I ended up needing a root canal and crown doing whilst pregnant with DS2 ( I found out I was pregnant when the dentist insisted I do a test before she would XRay me!) I had to have it all done with just injections and trying to break my sisters hand!

I only got through it because my dentist was lovely, and I was in too much pain not to do it. The good side of it is that I can now have check ups etc I'm still really scared but it did take the edge off.

Incidently I'm not trying to get you to 'Face Your Fear' or any other crap like that, I wouldn't have done it under any other circumstance! I just wanted to say that you'll be fine and the anticipation is worse than the procedure sometimes.

I'll add my vote for the drugs though!

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