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Feel Pathetic - what can lift me out of this?

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Cailleach Wed 06-Feb-13 18:13:41

Post viral fatigue is a bitch.... you aren't pathetic, some viruses can really knock you for six, and it can take a while to feel right again. I had a stinking cold back in November that left me flattened - normally colds don't bother me much but this one knocked me down hard and it took a while to get back up.

Eat good food, treat yourself to chocolate or whatever your poison is, and try and keep warm.

Hope you feel better soon.

scrappydappydoo Wed 06-Feb-13 16:58:32

Thanks. I guess because I spent most of last week on various medicines I'm reluctant to take more for something unspecified. Sleeping wise - only having 30 min nap and then sleeping though the night 9-6 its just the fact I need a nap. I'm not good at this 'being unwell' thing. My mummy is escaping the cold weather in the carribbean hmm so no tlc there.

purplewithred Wed 06-Feb-13 15:45:19

DD (19) is a bit like this, had to come home from Uni for a bit of mummy tlc. Do what Ellie says; maybe try to add a very short walk and try to make sure you don't knock your sleep patterns out too much by sleeping all day.

EllieArroway Wed 06-Feb-13 15:38:49

You don't have to be in pain or have cold symptoms to take painkillers or cold remedies. Some paracetamol might perk you up a lot. Worth a try.

Other than that, lots of fluids, healthy food and rest. Viruses can lay you low for quite a while.

scrappydappydoo Wed 06-Feb-13 14:49:09

Had a bad flu-type illness all last week - dizzyness, sore throat, achiness, temp, cough etc barely left the bed. Started feeling a lot better at the weekend but I can't seem to shake this fluffy feeling - can't focus on work, so tired I need a daytime nap, still occasionally feel dizzy/lightheaded.
I feel absolutely pathetic - not quite ill enough to take to my bed but still not well enough to be any use. Not in pain so can't take pain killers, don't have flu/cold symptoms so can't take cold medicine.
Can someone please suggest something!!!!!!

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