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Vaginal Dryness - what do you use?

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SungirlDreaming Tue 05-Feb-13 13:59:57

Hi, I am new here and hoping people can help me.

I have been diagnosed with vaginal dryness. My doctor told me to use Replens but I can't stand the goop that I end up inside me, it's vile... so I tried Hyalofemme which is ok but it runs out really quickly and I have to wear a sanitary towel every time I use it.

How do other people treat this?

Ideally I am looking for as natural a remedy as possible.

Thanks heaps

Elibean Tue 05-Feb-13 14:25:37

I tried the most natural first....there is one which is mostly water based, but tbh I found it uncomfortable and it didn't really work.

I'm afraid the only solution for me has been Vagifem (great name huh hmm) which works beautifully, and as its not systemic the hormones stay local iyswim. I've found I can use far less than the recommended amount and it still works enough - so I comfort myself with the thought that I"m not taking much!

(ah - the most natural 'cure' of all, is more sex. But I found I needed the less natural 'cure' to facilitate the natural one!)

SungirlDreaming Tue 05-Feb-13 16:32:14

Hi Elibean, thanks for your relpy.

Sex is out of the question, I have had vaginismus since I was 17 and although I beat it recurrent thrush, leading to dryness has brought it back. We have used lube but I am so tight again it is counterproductive.

Until I get the dryness sorted I can't really start to work on the vaginismus.

So, Vagifem (yup, lovely name!) has hormones in it? Not sure if I will be able to use that... I would have thought the doc would have prescribed if she thought that was what I needed. The Replens worked but there was no way I was letting hubby near me at all with that gunk in me!!!

hmm... I wonder what other options there are..

mangledmess Tue 05-Feb-13 17:40:23

I do not suffer with this issue but I have read that washing female parts with aqueous cream helps.

Elibean Tue 05-Feb-13 20:47:11

Yes, Vagifem has oestrogen in it - but its just pessaries, so the hormones are local and not systemic. Very low to no risk.

Then again, if the cause of the dryness is not related to hormones in the first place, maybe it wouldn't be as effective for you? You'd need to ask a GP - its usually prescribed for peri-menopause or menopausal dryness, I expect.

Sorry not much help sad

catmadcaz Wed 06-Feb-13 18:49:55

I use sylk it is paraben and hormone free. If you google it you can get a free sample, so give it a try before you buy.

orangeflutie Thu 07-Feb-13 14:23:42

Another vote here for sylk. It works really well, no hormones. You can get it on Amazon quite cheaply too. I also tried replens but was still 'dry'.


SungirlDreaming Thu 07-Feb-13 22:23:58

Hi all, thanks for the replies.

Isn't Sylk more of a lube to use during intercourse? I had dryness all the time that led to itching and soreness... felt like thrush but I tested negative every time.

I do wash with aqueous cream and it does seem to help.

The doc didn't want to prescribe anything so I would guess that hormonal treatment would not be suitable.

puds11isNAUGHTYnotNAICE Thu 07-Feb-13 22:28:31

I have no experience in this, but could massage oil or vasaline help to cure the dryness?

When you have sex use the lube suggested, but in-between, are the things i suggested realistic?

SungirlDreaming Sat 09-Feb-13 14:46:52

Hi Puds.... Vasaline, being petrolium jelly, will actually have a drying effect. Most lip balms actually make dry lips worse so you keep using them.

Also I think both vasaline and oil would cause skin problems as the body needs to breath and that would stop it.

There are other products out there, I just wondered if anyone had used any of them.

Campingfan Mon 15-Apr-13 22:34:27

I have been using Replens for two year now and it does work for me in terms of controlling very uncomfortable post-menopausal soreness and itching, but unfortunately does "co-agulate" into white lumps that look like cottage cheese. Although the manufacturer states this will decrease with time, there are many posts on all sorts of forums suggesting that this is often not the case- Not at all pleasant and requires a very understanding partner! Recently I have read on another forum that this is caused by the Parabens preservatives in the large tube. it has been suggested that as the throwaway applicators of Replens do not contain parabens, these may not cause the same problem so I am intending to try them, albeit more expensive and of course not terribly good to throw away a plastic applicator after each use.

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