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Is it the pill or something else?

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ItWentThatWay Tue 05-Feb-13 16:07:39

Hi Little

I had similar problems on cerazette and after some research, discovered that constant bleeding is a common problem. I stopped using it and thankfully bleeding stopped but it did mess me up for a while. Other people did have further problems however.

I would be very concerned about your partner's behaviour, especially after you having such serious problems. You should certainly speak to a professional before considering ttc.

LittleBabyLucas Tue 05-Feb-13 11:43:44

Hi all
Had my boy 11 months ago and decided to go back on the pill last October. It started giving me migranes and totally screwed up my hormone balance and I wasn't the nicest person to live with!
I was changed on to Cerezette in December and things have gotton ao much worse. I have a constant headache and now bleed for 3 weeks at a time and am totally washed out and fatigued.
I called to get a GP's appointment last week and ended up with a phone call back and was prescribed Norethistone which stopped the bleeding but almost as soon as I stopped taking it my period started all over again, cramps headache shakes constantly cold and my mood is so low my OH has said I'm worse to live with than his ex wife!
Still no sign of stopping and had to fight to get a GP appointment this Friday.
After I had baby my ex stopped me from being examined and forged my discharge papers from the maternity unit.
I'm going to request an exam Friday as there were serious problems during the birth and I died on the table from blood loss.
Does anyone have this problem or have ever had something similar?
Me and OH want to have a baby in the near future but with him so scared to come near me due to all the blood I dont know what to do!
Any ideas?

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