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using norethisterone to control periods? Any advice?

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workatemylife Tue 05-Feb-13 10:47:19

I've read a bit on here already about how people have used norethisterone to delay a period for wedding / holiday etc. I've been calendar checking and realise that, typically, I'm probably going to get my usual heavy bleeding just as I'm off on my Easter holidays and would very much like to be up the top of a mountain without having that to deal with. (I use tranexamic acid at the moment to reduce the bleeding for a couple of days and it is fine for day to day life, but I'm not sure I'm equipped for a day of outdoor activity even then)

It looks like norethisterone at a high dose starting just before I'm due would allow me to delay my period till I get home again, but with the possible side effects of a very heavy bleed and a major attack of PMS. I did use norethisterone for a few months as a student to control my 'normal' heavy bleeding, but then I was just taking it at a low dose on days 19-26 of my cycle, and my period would start on day 28. I reckon that if my next two cycles were 28 days rather than my usual 30-31, I would be clear of any major bleeding before I go away, and wouldn't need to be taking tablets to try to keep AF at bay while I'm on holiday.

Does anyone know if that would work? I'll need to talk to the GP anyway since I would need a prescription for either route, but every time I go to get the tranexamic acid repeat prescription I get a lecture about how an IUS would be a better solution, and I really don't want to do that. Some advice about what has worked (or not) for you ladies would be lovely.

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