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Dribble Rash?

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Spod Fri 16-Jan-04 14:19:17

dd has got a bumpy rash... looks to me like its caused by all the dribbling.... it does look very red and ore, and can get quite dry... what do i do to ease/get rid of it? hv said sudocream or vasaline... have been applying sudocream for a couple of days and no change... worried it could be exema (sp?) as I had it as a kid and its in the family alot... advice would be great. thanx

LIZS Fri 16-Jan-04 14:40:03

ds used to get it and I never really resolved it until he stopped dribbling/teething. I think it was a combination of dribble and sensitive skin although he never developed full eczema. Tried e45, sudocrem and calendula cream which proved best. Otherwise an Almond Oil ointment might help, unless you have a history of sensitivity to nuts. I suppose once you have cleared it you could then try vaseline again.

starry Fri 16-Jan-04 14:53:51

My DS1 suffered like this as a baby and still gets occasional soreness around mouth at almost 4years due to sensitivity to some foods. I used sudocream to dry it out and put vaseline around area esp. at night when they have fallen asleep as it seems to develop with dribbling at night. He got eczema as a baby and when it was really sore I used hydrocorisone ointment on it (on Doctors advice only) it cleared it up within a day or 2 and then I just had to use prevention with vaseline to stop it recurring.
Also certain toothpaste would cause it to flare up.

starry Fri 16-Jan-04 14:57:18

P.S. Boots do a small tube of cream called Dribble Cream you might want to try.

prettycandles Fri 16-Jan-04 15:01:58

I pierce a capsule of Evening Promrose Oil and mix the contents with an equal amount of Lansinoh, dab the area dry and quickly smear some on (it won't stick unless the skin is dry). This works a treat. I think the EPO is healing, and the Lansinoh acts as a barrier. Vaseline makes the rash worse. I also put the stuff on before we go out, especially if it's cold or windy.

AussieSim Fri 16-Jan-04 15:26:40

My ds's eczema was originally diagnosed as a dribble rash. I wish it had been that. I didn't know that my dh's fam had skin problems. Apparently I have to wait till he is 2 to grow out of this form of eczema and there isn't a lot I can do besides cortisone and antibiotics.

Spod Fri 16-Jan-04 16:47:28

whats in the 'dribble cream' do you know? i have also read that if it is eczema then vasaline makes it worse. do you think camilosan would be okay?

Spod Fri 16-Jan-04 16:49:51

i meant kamillosan

starry Fri 16-Jan-04 17:11:33

Can't remember what is in the dribble cream, personally I think it was something simple repackaged and sold as Dribble Cream at a higher price, but it did work ok until I got diprobase ointment from the Dr. I have heard that Kamillosan contains peanut oil, but could be wrong? Kamillosan tastes horrid though so not sure a baby or child would like it near their mouth?

eidsvold Fri 16-Jan-04 21:10:20

dd sometimes get this when teething - just wash her face and then put vaseline on it which forms a sort of barrier and it seems to go away.

Gem13 Fri 16-Jan-04 21:45:39

DS had this for ages a few months ago. We took him to the doctor after trying sudocrem and vaseline and after a couple of visits (it looked really uncomfortable and unsightly) he was prescribed 'Fucidin H'. It's a mild steroid and it cleared up his face completely (on bad days the rash would spread up to his eyes).

We've used it a couple of times since - one or two applications - and he has been clear for ages.

I found that he got a lot worse after eating tomato or tomato based foods so try and avoid these while it's sore. He's fine eating them now.

Do try your GP if you have a sympathetic one.

Spod Fri 23-Jan-04 22:10:32

i used calendula cream... worked a treat thanks.

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