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Teething - calpol and nurofen

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Kittypickle Fri 16-Jan-04 12:36:50

I'm sure this has been posted before but I haven't got time to look through. DS (18 weeks) is teething, can see the offending tooth and having a very bad time of it. He's had a bad couple of days, but today is not good, he's screamed and screamed pretty much since he woke up. I've been to the doctors just to check he didn't have earache etc. but forgot to ask whether I can alternate between calpol and nurofen. I haven't got a bottle of nurofen to look at, does anyone know ? And is there anything else I can do for him - tried Bonjela & Ashton & Parsons powders. Thank you

popsycal Fri 16-Jan-04 12:38:59

if he is old enough for nurofen (check label) then you can give both - full age appropriate dosage of each

Northerner Fri 16-Jan-04 12:39:07

Yes it is safe to give calpol and nurofen at the same time. I found ambesol liquid an absolute godsend for teething, you rub it straight on the gum and is much stronger than the other gels.

popsycal Fri 16-Jan-04 12:39:20

hold will check down starirs how od they need to be for nurofen

popsycal Fri 16-Jan-04 12:40:48

nurofen is 6 months and above kitty

popsycal Fri 16-Jan-04 12:41:06

i also found calgel better than bonjela

pie Fri 16-Jan-04 12:42:40

I don't think 18 weeks is old enough for nurofen. I think it is 6 months.

pie Fri 16-Jan-04 12:43:14

Beat me too it popsycal!

Kittypickle Fri 16-Jan-04 12:44:39

Thanks for checking Popsy, had a horrible feeling it might be. He's flaked out for a moment following the Calpol in his swing. I'll get hold of some calgel and ambesol. Hopefully he'll feel better later and I can get some more fluids into him. I was totally unprepared for this and it makes me realise how lightly I got off with DD !

Kittypickle Fri 16-Jan-04 12:45:16

Thanks too Pie & Northener

fee77 Mon 24-Jan-05 22:46:28

Where can i get ambesol liquid from? Is it behind the pharmacy counter?

fee77 Mon 24-Jan-05 22:46:29

Where can i get ambesol liquid from? Is it behind the pharmacy counter?

HunkerMunker Mon 24-Jan-05 22:48:46

Try Medised (suitable from 3 months). I should have shares in the company I've recommended it to so many people! It's paracetamol and an antihistamine that makes babies drowsy and acts as a decongestant (DS gets very blocked and snotty when teeth come through). Hope your DS's teeth come through soon and give you (and him!) a bit of a break.

dinny Mon 24-Jan-05 22:51:03

Kittypickle, ds also bad with teeth (I think) so you have my sympathies. The only bit I can see that may be a tooth is to the right of the front bottom spaces. Thought front came first...
HM, Medised sounds good. Also, keep meaning to buy Ashton & Barton Powders, dd loved them.

lockets Mon 24-Jan-05 22:53:03

Message withdrawn

HunkerMunker Mon 24-Jan-05 22:53:24

Hi Dinny. Hey - do you MSN?

dinny Mon 24-Jan-05 22:53:47

ha ha, Lockets. serves you right for having a feisty little baggage

HunkerMunker Mon 24-Jan-05 22:54:00

Oh Lockets - hugs! Did you try Dozol or is it the same ingredient?

dinny Mon 24-Jan-05 22:54:11

how do I do it, HM? only done it at work....

lockets Mon 24-Jan-05 22:55:47

Message withdrawn

HunkerMunker Mon 24-Jan-05 22:56:16

Will email you - may be slow - am typing one-handed as eating a creme egg

fee77 Mon 24-Jan-05 23:10:48

Ambesol anyone?? I am getting desperate!

HunkerMunker Mon 24-Jan-05 23:21:41

Fee77, I think you can buy it in chemists (I'm sure you can).

(Dinny, your email bounced back - can you email me hun?)

dinny Mon 24-Jan-05 23:24:07

can't get in to account.

hey, may come to work with ds - what days you in (except Sundays tho) x

HunkerMunker Mon 24-Jan-05 23:26:55

Wednesdays - 3.30-11.30 - would LOVE to see you and DS!

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