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can you get Dom Peridome (Motillium) over the counter?

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naswm Tue 25-Apr-06 18:08:52

Bad mother that I am, i have almost run out and what I thought was bag with a new bottle in in the cupboard was in fact something else. My GP needs 48hrs for a repeat prescription so it wont be ready before FRiday morning and then I've got the hassle of droppig it off, collecting it and then gettiing to the chemist. Would be easier to just go and buy it tomorrow for once. But can you get it without prescription?

Thanks. This is so annoying

LaylaandSethsmum Tue 25-Apr-06 18:20:11

Yes you can buy Domperidone over the counter! Is it for a child though? as dosage will be adult one

LIZS Tue 25-Apr-06 18:21:58

I'm sure I saw it behind the counter in Boots .

naswm Tue 25-Apr-06 18:22:22

Best news I've had all day laylandsethsmum. I can work out dosage so long as strenght is the same. It is for DS2. Are you absolutely sure I can buy it?????

LaylaandSethsmum Tue 25-Apr-06 19:32:01

How old is Ds2? children over 12 can have 1-2 tablets of 10mg every 4 hrs but children under this age have to have so many micrograms per kilo of body weight. I don't know if it available as syrup probably only tablets over the counter. TBH if he is under 12 you are best ringing the surgery and explaining the problem, if this is a repeat medication they should sort it out for you as a one off, I would imagine your GP would be happier to do this than you work out the dose for yourself!

Waswondering Tue 25-Apr-06 19:32:47

(I read that as Dom Perignon, which is quite different!)

starlover Tue 25-Apr-06 19:34:18

yes you can... i wanted it when breastfeeding, for milk supply and was turned away when they heard what it was for!

so i went to another oen and said it was for dp who had had it before and it was for bloatedness and they gave it to me!

chapsmum Tue 25-Apr-06 19:35:33

This may be usuful for you to know but there is a designated emergency chemist in every area which can be opened up in emergency (usually by the police ) at the request of a GP if it is an emergency!

LaylaandSethsmum Tue 25-Apr-06 19:36:14

Hi Chapsmum!!

Hausfrau Tue 25-Apr-06 19:36:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CHICagoMUM Tue 25-Apr-06 19:37:14

Ditto waswondering.

Hausfrau Tue 25-Apr-06 19:37:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CHICagoMUM Tue 25-Apr-06 19:37:39

Ditto was wondering.

naswm Tue 25-Apr-06 19:42:57

thansk guys. But mine is for my DS2 who is 22 months. He's been on it almost all his life and takes it in liquid form 3.5ml QD. I didn't know that about the breast feeding thing until after I had given up (although DS" had other probs so it may not have worked oout anyway) but I might have tried it. Too late now thouh!

I shall be at the chemist first thing tomorrow, then drop in a repeat prescription when I can.

naswm Tue 25-Apr-06 19:44:22

lol waswondering. I think all of us who are giving it to our kids (or taking it themselves lol) have done that double take re the wine!

chapsmum Tue 25-Apr-06 19:44:31

layla and seths mum, Hi <wave> been trying to catch up with you, left you my e-mail address, did you get it?

naswm Tue 25-Apr-06 19:46:13

Hi chapmums, jump in why dont you? lol

chapsmum Tue 25-Apr-06 19:47:35

i did leave you some good info first, that would have saved you breaking the windows to get into to boots lol

naswm Tue 25-Apr-06 19:51:54

oh no Chapsmum, I;ve already paid the Boots Robber to do it after dark..... lol

LaylaandSethsmum Tue 25-Apr-06 19:56:46

Chapsmum didn't get your email addy! Where did you post it?or did you CAT me with it?

Thai123 Wed 12-Oct-16 06:26:21

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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