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OK,so has anyone experience of 'excision biopsy'? Wondering just how horrible this is going to be...

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SolidGoldBrass Sat 02-Feb-13 10:54:30

Day unit, general anaesthetic (and going to my mum's overnight for recovery and pampering) - but how long will my poor abused tit hurt for, and will I have to stop work (ie no lifting and lugging things) for more than a couple of days?

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Mon 04-Mar-13 01:26:26

Oh, fantastic news!
Sorry a bit late blush

IamtheZombie Thu 28-Feb-13 21:15:32

That's great news, SGB. I'm really pleased for you.

AnnieLobeseder Thu 28-Feb-13 20:30:17

Woo hoo!!

lougle Thu 28-Feb-13 17:33:31

Well if you're going to have a suspisciously lumpy boob, that's the best lumpy bit to have grin

Congratulations, SGB.

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 28-Feb-13 17:24:08

yay !!!!!!

CoteDAzur Thu 28-Feb-13 16:58:06

Really pleased for you, SGB. Here, have a wine

Flisspaps Thu 28-Feb-13 16:57:01

Really pleased to hear that SGB wine

SolidGoldBrass Thu 28-Feb-13 16:48:50

Update: All clear, it was a cyst of some kind and harmless, and has been completely removed. Immense relief and going to have a stiff drink later. Thanks everyone for support and good wishes.

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 24-Feb-13 15:21:32

whenever you feel the need sgb -we have several people waiting for results and whatnot smile

SolidGoldBrass Sun 24-Feb-13 14:29:51

Feeling less paranoid this morning as there's only 4 more days to wait for results. And I will be seeing the GP on the 8th about the finger-lump.
MaryAnnS, thanks for the invite, I've been sort of thinking I'd wait till I know before joining the thread IYSWIM.

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 24-Feb-13 14:03:41

over here

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 24-Feb-13 14:02:43

sgb do you want to nip over to the tamoxifen thread for some more handholding ? you'd be be very welcome (waves to lonecat)

IamtheZombie Sun 24-Feb-13 12:23:39

Oh, SGB. (((((Hugs)))))

Deep breath. One step at a time. Do you have an appointment with the GP? If it's growing quickly, it is far more likely to be a cyst of some kind.

I really do understand how hard it is not to worry, but please try. When you are under investigation or treatment for breast cancer you suddenly become hyper-aware of absolutely everything about your body.

Just keep holding my hand.

SolidGoldBrass Sun 24-Feb-13 00:56:30

I'm back for another whine. This is an extra whine and of course I'm being silly, only no one's saying don't be silly. Basically, tits is one thing but I also have a Wierd Lump on my hand. And when I went to the GP practice nurse to have the biopsy dressing removed and the cut inspected etc, I asked about the lump on my hand, and she prodded it a bit and said that actually the doctor should see it. And I said to her that Google was a terrible frightener and I was sure it wasn't anything and all that but, erm, sarcomas, and she didn't say don't be so silly. And it's not a zit and it's not a pluke and it's not a chilblain and it's not a callous, and it's a thing and it makes my whole hand hurt and it's growing, and I already have a suspiciosly lumpy tit.
ANd I'm going to fucking die, aren't I?

SOrry sorry sorry, just ranting after some booze.

AnnieLobeseder Wed 20-Feb-13 08:55:24

Oh SGB, how scary. You too, Lonecat. I'll be thinking of you. It is indeed the not knowing that is so awful.

SolidGoldBrass Wed 20-Feb-13 08:51:01

Oh Lonecat, poor you. I know exactly what you mean about having a plan. Once you know what's going on, you can adapt to it, but when you don't know, you get kind of frozen in place. On the one hand it's like, oh forget it, won't be anything to worry about, big fuss about nothing, and then you spin back to, what's going to happen if I'm really ill, who will look after DC, is this my last spring?

Mind you, I think your HCPs are a bit unfeeling to tell you that if you haven't heard in 7 days then you should basically take that as bad news!

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 20-Feb-13 08:38:22

Just wanted to give you an idea SGB as to how long you will be sore and brusied for. I had core biopsies two weeks ago tomorrow, my consultant does not believe you need a GA for them so they were done under local anaesthetic in my lunch hour!
So my Boob still has fresh bruising arriving on the surface two weeks later and is still sore when I do something a bit strenuous. The steristrip stitches came off on Saturday - I am a vet so I was allowed to do them myself.
I have told only 3 people in RL and my DD doesn't even know I have been to the doctors. I was told if it was all okay I would get a phone call at 7 days and if it wasn't I would get the plan at the 3 week clinic appointment - I guess I am getting a plan. The waiting is the worst bit for me I can cope with anything once I have a plan.

weegiemum Wed 20-Feb-13 08:26:15

Just sending you best wishes for next week SGB. I'm sure you're right, if it was worrisome they'd have called you in earlier. I do love the idea of you dancing at festivals!

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Wed 20-Feb-13 08:19:27

Well done staying calm, that was brave.
I guess it will seem like a very long week.

SolidGoldBrass Tue 19-Feb-13 20:32:56

Thank you Zombie. I had the most gorgeous afternoon out with DS today, walking in the woods and spotting snowdrops, then going on to the park so he could romp in the playground. ANd most of the time I was just enjoying the spring sunshine and everything, except for those tiny moments when a little voice in the back of my mind kept reminding me.

Oh, and that MacMillan advert was on the telly at lunchtime, and DS said 'Mummy, what's cancer?' I managed to be very calm and say that it was a nasty illness that some people got and that many of them got better - I have not suggested to him in any way that I might have it, we've gone no further than Mummy having a 'poorly bit on her boob that the doctors removed'.

IamtheZombie Tue 19-Feb-13 15:43:17

Well, Zombie will hold your hand while you wait.

SolidGoldBrass Tue 19-Feb-13 11:30:48

Yes, 28th ie next Thursday. So I keep telling myself that there can't be much to worry about or they would have called me in sooner...

IamtheZombie Tue 19-Feb-13 10:44:33

((((( Hugs ))))) from me as well, SGB.

Yes, the not knowing is the worst part. Have you had your appointment through for getting your results?

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Tue 19-Feb-13 10:35:39

I think in the circumstances self-indulgent is exactly what you should be.
It doesn't sound like whining either, it sounds like worry and frustration which no-one could blame you for.
Sorry you're so uncomfortable.
Sending you (((hugs))) smile

SolidGoldBrass Tue 19-Feb-13 10:25:26

Sneaking back on here for a bit of a grump; the healing cut is uncomfortable today: I think the stitches or whatever are pulling (not allowed to take the dressing off till Friday). And I am supposed to be sorting out dance bookings for the summer ie whether or not I can dance at various festivals. I feel such a berk going, 'Well I don't know, it depends on the test results.' Because I just can't quite say 'Oh book me in', and then have to go, 'Sorry, will be all bald and puking from chemo...'

(Yes I know I am being thoroughly whiiny and self-indulgent. I feel perfectly well and 80% of lumps are nothing to worry about. It's just the not knowing...)

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