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Recovery time after removal of plates and screws (ankle)

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duchesse Thu 31-Jan-13 18:23:23

I had some metalwork (seven screws and a plate) taken out of my ankle the day before yesterday and I've been told to "take it easy" by the consultant for about a month, and to keep my foot up for a fortnight.

The thing is, I feel pretty much fine on the whole. I have a big bandage and some stitches under it so can't wear proper footwear yet, but what's the worst that can happen if I go back to pretty much normal life? There's no pain even though I've stopped the paracetamol and ibuprofen and there's only so much foot up a person can bear...

RockinD Thu 31-Jan-13 18:28:17

They don't give you this advice for the hell of it. You know it makes sense. grin and bear it.

I couldn't say what would be the worst that could happen, but would you really want to risk it? They've just removed some serious metalwork there. Please, give it time to heal.

CMOTDibbler Thu 31-Jan-13 18:32:37

Worst case - well theres soft tissue damage from getting a lot of swelling, a fracture through the screw holes... He didn't say it for fun, he wants you to have a good long term outcome.

lljkk Thu 31-Jan-13 18:57:46

DH only had screws taken out (had been no plate) & that was a bit of a non-event.
His opinion is you go on how you feel. Respect any pain. How does it feel when you go straight from elevated to putting weight on it? Okay or weak?

duchesse Thu 31-Jan-13 19:03:31

Absolutely fine! The incision is a bit sore but everything else feels normal.

I guess I'm on the knitting for a while yet then...

tipsytrifle Thu 31-Jan-13 19:05:52

I would imagine that the bone has to repair after the screws. There may yet be some swelling as surgery is intrusive and soft tissue's been disturbed for a third time (original event, surgery, more surgery) Remember that your metalwork and bone have been working together too; bone has to get used to not having its "friend" there now. You have a fresh incision to heal as well. It also depends on what you call "normal" activity! Rock climbing might be out for awhile yet!

mawbroon Thu 31-Jan-13 22:28:24

I had a long plate with six screws on one side and two long screws on the inside of my ankle. I had them removed after about 9 months and wasn't told to take it easy at all! He said don't go playing football or anything, but everyday walking etc should be fine.

I was hobbling about until I got the staples out around 10 days later and then it was business as usual after that.

duchesse Sun 10-Feb-13 01:55:20

Thank you all. You are right of course about doing what I'm told. I'm pleased to report that I have no pain any more, apart from where the wound is, and am pretty much back to normal in terms of mobility. I'm having the stitches out on Monday so looking forward to that healing up quickly!

keshvi Fri 26-Jun-15 17:34:25

Hi Duchesse, I have a similar surgery scheduled for August. Was just wondering during your recovery if you had to keep your foot elevated and take time off work? I'm fresh out of uni and starting a new job but I don't if I need time off for this surgery. The doc said I will be able to walk on it straight away but wasn't sure what recovery is like?

SmokingGun Fri 26-Jun-15 17:50:05

I had 8 screws and a plate taken out of my femur and I was up and about straight away. It was a complete non event.

sml0789 Sun 08-May-16 23:51:44

Been 2 weeks tmrw since removal having stitches out and I have to say I was feeling great about re coup until morphine and anesthetic wore off and the pain was pretty excruciating and full weight bearing out of the question. 2 weeks No driving and wudve gone mad had my mum not been around to help as have 15month old 2 teenage kids (1 of whom is HARD -WORK!) And to top it all my eldest daughter bought me a kitten 2 days after surgery! My achilles feels sooo much better albeit still very swollen and resting inbetween doin stuff so yes the only advise I will give is Do As Your Told!

NadesBentley Mon 21-Nov-16 09:00:47

Hi, i had a bad ankle break like 5 months ago, had the surgery and screws, plates etc inserted, non weight bearing for 3.5 months. Eventually, with the use of both crutches i started "walking" then just over a month, i was scheduled for the hardware removal surgery. It's 11 days now since the second surgery and i am experiencing more and consistent pain, than i did with the first 5 hour surgery! Within seven days of the first surgery, i was off pain meds, but i'm living pain killer to painkiller now confused How long will this pain last please? hmm

Davthom66 Fri 14-Apr-17 04:37:12

Just had nine screws and metal plate removed from ankle doctors basically forced me to walk on it one hour after surgery thought my stitches were going to pop but docs said bone has healed and pain is from insicions got myself a stick but very very sore

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