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Anyone had a barium meal/swallow?

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toomuchpoo Thu 31-Jan-13 19:48:58

yes its fine, drink lots and i noticed no difference (except the colour!!!)

CMOTDibbler Thu 31-Jan-13 18:35:43

Drink lots after, and you'll be fine. Some fibrogel wouldn't hurt either.

hotbot Thu 31-Jan-13 18:12:31

Larded...... Alarmed!!

hotbot Thu 31-Jan-13 18:12:08

Drink plenty fluids afterwards, perhaps take senna after as well. Don't be larded if your poo is white.
Good luck, It really isn't that bad an experience.

I'm scheduled for one next week and am nervous! Not so much about the procedure but about the after affects! I suffer from constipation a lot anyway and the info warns of constipation afterwards.

Please tell me I won't be pooing a cement block?!!

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