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Slight abnormaLity in smear test

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fedupandtired Thu 31-Jan-13 17:34:56

Most abnormalities to change back to normal which is why a repeat test after six months is recommended. If the cells were very abnormal they'd be recommending further treatment now which isn't the case. Cervical cancer develops very slowly and it can take years for mildly abnormal cells to change into anything sinister so try not to worry.

digerd Thu 31-Jan-13 14:36:37

Yes, that often happens. DD had it, went back after 6 months and cells were back to normal. She was told that happens often.
30 years ago, they forgot to inform me of mine, and 18 months later they wrote to me to tell me to make an urgent appt. Unfortunately mine had not gone back to normal, but was still curable with the cervical op. Now called a LLETZ.
Don't worry about it, and hope all cells are back to normal in 6 months.

Mummyface Thu 31-Jan-13 13:32:38


Just wondered if Anyone has experience of a slight abnormality in there smear.

I have been asked to go back in 6 months to have it re done, trying to just forget about it for now but that's easier said than done.

Any answers appreciated.


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