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stoopid bloody squinty eye -someone tell me to go to the docs!

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sausagesandwich34 Wed 30-Jan-13 21:59:19

I've had a squint ever since the year dot

8 operations later, up until a year or so ago -cosmetically my eyes have looked straight but I only use one at anyone time

I hadn't noticed that my left eyelid has started drooping when I'm tired as I've just flicked over to my right eye without really noticing

but it's now got to the point when in the evenings my eye is barely open and to be quite frank I look pissed and my previously straight left eye is now staring to turn out -I'm guessing because I'm not using it much

I need to go and get it checked don't I

I hate doctors

magso Wed 30-Jan-13 22:33:10

Is it the cosmetic side that is bothering you or are you having visual difficulties? Either way it's time to go back to your ophthalmologist and Orthoptist. If its some years since you saw anyone you will need to get your GP or optometrist to refer you.

sausagesandwich34 Wed 30-Jan-13 22:45:01

it's the cosmetic side

my eyesight has always been peculiar to me so I haven't actually noticed any difference other than I used to be able to flip which eye I was using depending on which direction I'm looking in -and now I pretty much always use my right

I'm customer facing at work and looking like I've either not slept for a month or I'm drunk is not a good look

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